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[1983]( | [1984]( | Lightning downtown Shelton | 4th planet wall. Link tax. NY post. Prohibition. Censorship. Freewill violation. Sin by association. Geeks & Gamers - [Disney+ Won't Have Rated R Content | How Will This Impact The Mandalorian?]( [Try Be One.]( Empowr might be a Ethereum Phishing site | Anybody who is anonymous is obviously a puppet of Oatmeal Joey Arnold. Just kidding | [@4LoveOfTheRoad Ryan Forrest blocked me on Facebook.]( | [Pardes Selah]( | Your day is a cycle of your life. You begin eating soft fruits which symbolizes babies. At night, nuts which looks like old wise brains | Hong Kong China Tanks Coming | Star Wars Talk | Weed-eating # 1983 [1983 Year In Review]( - We were living in [Lake Oswego]( in the early 1980's as a family | [Outline]( | We moved to [Forest Grove, OR.]( Our parents wanted to live closer to the public Tri-Met bus system. So they ended up picking out a trailer and they moved us to space number 163 at the ghetto Rose Grove Mobile Home trailer-park Community, 3839 Pacific Avenue, 97116-2277. Our phone number was 503-357-0477. So, dad was able to hop on the bus to go to work. Mom ended up having two more babies, that is me and my younger sister, at the Tualatin Valley Hospital in Forest Grove (FG). It was good that we lived closer to that hospital. I can't remember where my older siblings were born. It may have been at that same hospital. I was not born yet until 1985. As a family of six, we grew up here in the 1980's and 1990's. In the late 90's and early 2000's, all six of us began going our separate paths, all of us except for maybe our father | [Remembering 1983]( # 1984 [1984 Year In Review]( - Katie was [Strawberry Shortcake]( | We got this toy computer for Christmas 1984 | As a family, we would play at the park | Grandma Ann must have visited that year or around that time | Aunt Karen and her family visited at least one time | Katie and Ricky drank from bottles a few times | Katie's 4th birthday party # Empowr [I did not pay any money to join Steemit. It is good advice not to pay money for something like this. And even if you do invest in something, you could still lose.]( [Empowr]( One main problem seems to be, allegedly, that Empowr was placed on a warning list by MetaMask because, that site might be phishing for Ethereum. That means it might be trying to steal passwords, etc, to access [Ethereum.](moz-extension://9fca928d-4a1d-4d9b-a02f-a4515dd39ed9/ [Detector.](moz-extension://9fca928d-4a1d-4d9b-a02f-a4515dd39ed9/
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2019-08-29 - Thursday - [PST]( - Daily journal: # New Nicki Minaj [12:30 AM - Steemit]( Her face seems to be part Asian or maybe I'm just bias haha. # Geeks & Gamers [12:31 AM - Disney+ Won't Have Rated R Content | How Will This Impact The Mandalorian?]( # Entering The Matrix [12:36 AM - IWA]( What did the Architect say to Neo in Matrix II, that this was not the first Matrix? I wonder about that. Also, like Inception, instead of dreams inside dreams, they're trying to build a matrix of matrix squared, that is a matrix inside a matrix inside a matrix so that we can get out of one matrix and then give up thinking we escaped The Truman Show. # Faith [12:39 AM - IWA]( @Fubar, you have not heard about Revolution Hawaii. # Meme Fat Races [12:50 AM - Steemit]( On behalf of pigs, we hand this off this to dogs. [Cancel Culture Cancer]( [I've not seen a snake like that. Interesting.]( # 4th Planet 10:23 AM - LMS M said that the 4th planet said that I can't associate her with that NY post. Before that, closed my fists as part of my hand recovery. Eating salad. LM said, wanna junk food huh. No. Haha. MS disease thing. Reading it. Numbness. Carefull cuz u could get burnt and not know it. # Yard Work 10:30 AM - 10:46 AM - LMS Weed eating. # Spirit vs The Law [10:54 AM - IWA]( Christians agrees with Bingozee's "We Live(d) by the Enlightenment, Not Commandment," AKA the spirit and not by the law as mentioned all over the place, over the world, since the dawn of time, and in the Bible, especially as seen in the book of Romans. # Parallel Universes [11:06 AM - IWA]( @AtypicalRift, that's another topic, that is parallel universes, pocket universes, parallel timelines, dimensions, the eleven or 23 dimensions, etc, etc, as seen in the Fringe, Rick & Morty, Star Trek, other sci-fi films, shows, books, etc. # Heavens @Bingozee @Bingoze seems to be talking about what @AtypicalRift mentioned as well, that is concerning time, space, heavens, the sky, reality, dimensions, stars, water, the physical universe that we live in. # # Technology But I'm simply talking about technology and not actual dimensions on top of that. There could be who knows what out there when it comes to the fabrics of reality. # Perspective @keyrobinfo18 has great advice concerning taking every thought captive as mentioned in the Bible. # Fighting Darkness [11:53 AM - Steemit]( It depends on who you are. If you are fighting bad people, they will try to go after you. They may try to reveal your identity. But that depends on how big you might be. It also depends on how hard they try to figure out who you are. Also, it depends on how much info about you is already out there. On one level, most people may not be able to figure you out without guessing. But some people can possibly figure out more about you by hacking into your computer through backdoors. They might be able to get a GPS location on you. They could find the timestamps for when you are on a computer, phone, etc, even computers at the library. Because you can intercept Internet traffic and read it and keep records of IP addresses matched with the sites they visit and timestamps. Then they can compare the timestamps with security cameras at libraries and all over the city and other places and footage from satellite and other things and figure out the exact computer you were on and then use the security camera to get an ID of your face and use photo recognition software to memorize your face and then scan the Internet and scan security cameras all around the world, that is anything they can find on the Internet and Intranet and dark webs, etc. # # Dark Webs Long story short, it depends on so many different things. So you can try to lay low and hide from 99% of the people on earth. But there may be a few people or a few groups that could try to find you if they really don't like you. If you have no friends to help you, they could kill you and nobody will know. That is why I try to be public so that if they kill me, some people might notice. # Dangerous Time-Travel [12:10 PM - IWA]( @AtypicalRift, yes, I agree, that may be happening. However, I'm going to assume that is not happening. Time Travel is extremely paradoxical as mentioned by Doc Brown in Back to the Future. The ability to split timelines as seen in Part 2 where Biff travels back in time to become like an evil version of Trump. The world changed. Different characters were altered. That dehumanizes life. If there is an infinite amounts of you on different timelines, then which one is you? Perhaps, only you are you and the other ones are like identical twins. If they are merely like clones, then I guess that is ok. # Violating Freewill But if you can alter history via time travel, then does that not violate freewill? Yes, many things already violate freewill, I get that. We only have limited freewill concerning choices we can make. We can only choose to do what we can actually do. We can NOT choose to fly like a bird, assuming we cannot. But a changed timeline could alter a choice an individual made. So, what happens when a timeline splits? What happened to the you in the one timeline? In Back To The Future, Marty McFly begins disappearing, but you would technically not be there in the first place. # Lawn Mower Bingozee [12:14 PM - IWA]( @Pippydop, remember that Bingozee believes in Subjectivity Over Objectivity. Everything Bingozee says is filtered through ideology that is similar to Mormonism, Transhumanism, Paganism, Scientology, Immortality, Lawnmower Man Philosophy, Globalism, Communism, etc, etc. # Transitioning [12:23 PM - IWA]( Millions of people around the world are transitioning towards gold standards, silver standards, natural resources, buying land, private property, real estate, etc, etc, etc, etc, slowly, gradually, right now, in 2019, currently, and into the 2020's, the next decade especially, globally, transitioning through cryptocurrencies and that is why governments try very hard to stop the transitioning just like they try to stop Trump and patriotism and many things and millions of more people will continue to transition that direction via blockchain, decentralization, through systems designed for transitioning and for long-term multi-decade investing, etc, etc. # The Next 17 Months [01:00 PM - IWA]( # Making History I'm contemplating big decisions right now. The next 17 months from September 2019 to the end of January 2021, will be the most pivotal in human history, possibly, potentially. Some of the best and worse times are ahead. That's good news and that is bad news. History will be made, regardless of what happens, these next few years, and especially these next 17 months and beyond. # # Finishing Projects I'm thinking about how I want to campaign for Trump 2020, online and offline. I'm currently living in Shelton, WA. I met @PastorSam at McDonald's, in Shelton, a week ago. That was good. My main goal involves helping out my family here. I'm trying to organize family albums, etc. So, long short, I'm trying to finish up some projects here. Trying to archive and document things for the record. Trying to make sure I finish some of these video projects, photo projects, etc. # # Clark Kent Superman I'm in the middle of making big choices concerning where I might want to live in the world. I fear that people may go after me if I begin getting more active, politically. If I had all the money in the world, I would live in a mountain with walls and I would go around with ten body guards just in case. I understand why Clark Kent tried his best not to tell people that he was Superman. Maybe Joey Arnold should not tell people that he is Oatmeal. I'm concern that people could go after my family to get at me someday. Of course, what I'm saying is only hypothetical at the moment. As far as I can tell, I don't think anybody is going after me. Because not a lot of people know me. So, I know that. I know that I'm not very well known. So, you can call me silly or pretty dumb for writing this. I might be silly. However, that does not mean people were not trying to get at Tucker Carlson. They went to his house. Yea, I know I'm not Tucker. But regardless, this post should not be about me, perhaps. # Relocation Instead, this thread should be focused on all of us, potentially speaking. I wanted to write something that could personify how big this is. Some of us can possibly relocate. Some of us should consider relocating in order to participate in offline activism. Once in a lifetime opportunities are among us right now. So, you might be a chosen one as well. Trump is not the only chosen one, Alex Jones said. # The tough part in life is in finding balance in our priorities. So, I want to give some advice concerning finding balance. # # What can you do? 1. Save up money. 2. Try to keep your day job. 3. Or maybe get a day job. 4. Try to make some time each day finishing some projects like I try to do. 5. Try to make friends with like-minded patriots. 6. Try to maintain relationships with libertarians, Americans, conservatives, etc. 7. Keep a journal. 8. Write about your goals in your journal. 9. Feel free to talk in code in your journal sometimes. 10. Try to buy a house if you can. 11. Try to have some legal firearms, just in case. 12. Learn some karate, some self-defense, as well. 13. Consider starting video channels on YouTube, Facebook, Bitchute, Periscope, Twitter, Brighteon, Dtube, Minds, etc, if you haven't already. 14. Consider keeping backups of your videos, posts, art, photos, etc. 15. Consider designing blog post templates that can speed up your daily agenda. 16. Consider relocating to live near closer to other patriots, etc. 17. Consider backup plans in case you get fired from work, etc. 18. Consider backup plans in case you are evicted from your house, apartment, etc. 19. Canned foods. 20. Solar power. 21. Short-wave HAM radio. 22. Feel free to add to this list. # Medical @VRfluxx is right, that we should have first aid kits, etc. We should train ourselves in knowing how to deal with gun wounds for example. # # Value in Privacy To be clear, the 4th amendment is all about privacy and governments, globalism, technocracy, corporatism, etc, have been violating that which has been limiting our ability to be anonymous to some extent. I'm already not anonymous. But I'm also not very famous. So, my main concern is in the transitioning towards being more political, in doing bigger things. I'm already going that direction and I could fail or continue to fail in what I do in life. # # Anonymity Hypothetically, if you can be anonymous, then that is good perhaps. Perhaps, some people can try to live dual lives in being Clark Kent and Superman. Is that what Q and Qanon is all about? For me, I am a public person and have always been public for like two decades or longer since maybe 1998 in some ways. Yes, not a lot of people know me, but information about me and my family will always be out there. The bigger you are, the harder it becomes to lay low. So, as you get bigger, then more people begin to go after you. So, it is good to be prepared beforehand, that is before you become too big. That's my concern. I'm not saying I will become big like Alex Jones. Maybe, I'll always be a small oatmeal cereal that is hidden on the bottom shelf. But, I just want to make sure I prepare myself just in case. I say, it's good advice to be prepared for the worse in life and to be optimistic for the best is yet to come. Opportunities are all around us. [@4LoveOfTheRoad Ryan Forrest blocked me on Facebook.]( # Time Travel Theory [01:12 PM - IWA]( If you lived for 120 years and then went back in time to before you were born and killed your own mother, then do you disappear or what would happen? Time traveling into the future is simply suspension, like being frozen, or that Einstein theory of going through space as a baby at the speed of light or whatever the theory was and in returning to see the baby's twin who is now an old man or possibly dead. All of that is interesting too, of course. Unfortunately, suspension may not be as cool as immortality which is what some globalists seek after. # Scared [02:20 PM - IWA]( Bingozee thinks Christianity is insane, all of it, except for that one little part about murder. # Liberty Hangout [06:42 PM - YouTube - Kaitlin Bennett Ask Me Anything]( Will you go onto the Beauty & the Beta Show? # Perception [07:35 PM - IWA]( Michael Jordan talked about slowed-down time as he went up and around in a layup in NBA basketball. @AtypicalRift talked about that. Some people have argued against this saying that perceiving slow-motion is actually retrospective. The truth of the matter may be both. # Adam Sandler Click As you get older, it feels like time gets older, I mean faster, generally, as you do what Adam Sandler did in Click, the film, where he clicked a button on a remote to go on autopilot. # Groundhog Day Looping We can do that in a variety of ways through repetition, cycles, habits, loops, Ground Hog Day Living, mundane activities, through not thinking, through NOT LEARNING NEW THINGS EACH DAY, through NOT LIVING IN THE MOMENT, through NOT PRAYING ENOUGH, not meditating on eternal principles more and more, through not focusing on helping people, through not laughing enough, through not paying it forward more, through not fighting, not deep breathing, not reflecting more, not taking more risks, not having enough perspective, not really living on the edge more, not waking up early enough, not sleeping enough, not being healthy enough, through not being AWKWARD ENOUGH, through dying, through not being alive, through losing hope, through not drinking enough water, [through maybe the Kappa Effect as mentioned by Bingozee,]( through not enough sunshine, through so many factors and things. How we see life and time can change for so many reasons and in so many ways in live time and/or retrospectively. # # Fabrics of Time It is possible at the same time that time is a dimension and/or other things as described by @Bingozee and other people. @AtypicalRift talked about perception and @Bingozee talked about the reality of time. These are two different things and they both may be true. # # Water Bullet Analogy The bullet through water analogy is very interesting and it could be true to some extent in describing the fabrics of time, not to be confused with the perception of time. # # Dark Energy I'm not sure if dark energy is real or not. Perhaps, if it is real, I would probably try to rename it something else. Well, maybe not. Maybe dark is a way to describe invisible elements that contrasts the elements we generally observe most of the time. # # Beyond Time Can we go before time or outside of time? No, Bingozee may be right in a way that we cannot go before time. But it depends on your definition of time. It is possible that God is outside of time, whatever that means. It's possible that Heaven and Hell is outside an element of time, but that does not mean there is not another time element beyond that as well. But I'm talking in theory, that is beyond my scope of understanding. I have not been out there, so I can't tell you what is beyond the three or four main dimensions that we focus on most of the time. There could be eleven dimensions or more, some say. # # Shadow @AtypicalRift is making a good point concerning shadows and darkness being the absence of light. I wonder if dark matter is an invisible matter or an absence of matter or possibly both or some kind of hybrid of the two that is stuck between dimensions or whatever. Also, evil might be an absence of perfection. I love the word perfection. By the way, sin is the absence of perfection. That is what sin means. # NASA @Bingozee mentioned NASA and four-letter agencies, including NASA, seem to have been misguiding people, etc, etc. # Anonymous Puppets [08:09 PM - IWA]( Anybody who is anonymous is obviously a puppet of Oatmeal Joey Arnold. # Salvation Debate [08:34 PM - IWA]( What does re-crucifixion mean? The Bible says all our righteousness is as filthy rags. Everything we do is irretrievable apart from salvation. When you are saved, you stay saved. Period. # Starting Families [10:05 PM - Serey]( Great advice. Someday, I may need to know if I ever start a family. # Subjectivity [10:40 PM - IWA]( We live within subjectivity, AKA perspective, lacking eternal perspective, and everything we do is subjective. The awareness of that imperfection, AKA sin, as @Bingozee will not put it, helps us move past living in denial. # Once Saved Then Always Saved, Right? [10:46 PM - IWA]( Do you believe in once saved then always saved? How can you lose what you did not earn? Didn’t God promise to finish the work that is within us? Didn’t God say that nothing could snatch us out of His hands? What did it say about the riches of His grace? What is Hebrews 6 saying? What is Ephesians 2 saying? Are you John MacArthur? Is that your secret identity?
# Geeks & Gamers [12:31 AM - Disney+ Won't Have Rated R Content | How Will This Impact The Mandalorian?](
# Shadiversity [07:58 PM - Why Evil Rey's swiss army double-bladed lightsaber is HORRIBLE - STAR WARS episode 9 trailer]( # # Pardes Seleh [08:29 PM - Side hustles that make you money from anywhere in the world (Pardes Live #99)]( # # Michelle Mullen [Thousands stand in solidarity with Hong Kong at NY4HK rally]( #
# Geeks & Gamers [11:07 AM - The Last Jedi Made It Impossible To Be Excited For The Rise of Skywalker]( #
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