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Google Whistle Blower in Infowars. Yard work. [IWA Adorable Deplorable]( [Angie Harmon.]( [1996 Joey Audio.]( [Guy who didn't do anything.]( [L4OJ.]( [Deep Search.]( Reviewing March of 2016. Uploaded to YouTube these seven videos.
# 2019-08-15 - Thursday [By Oatmeal Joey Arnold]( [@oatmealjoey]( | [@oatmealenglish]( | [@joeyarnoldvn]( | @oatmealhealth ![Pastor Sam & Baby Joey Kangaroo.jpeg]( # [Contact Me]( [Facebook]( - [Infowars]( - [Steemit]( - [Twitter]( - [YouTube]( - [And More]( # [Biography of My Life]( [1985]( - [1986]( - [1987]( - [1988]( - [1989]( - [1990]( - [1991]( - [1992]( - [1993]( - [1994]( - [1995]( - [1996]( - [1997]( - [1998]( - [1999]( - [2000's]( - [2002]( - [2003]( - [2004]( [ - 2005]( - [2007]( - [2008]( - [2009]( - [2010]( - [2011]( - [2012]( - [2013]( - [2014]( - [2015]( - [2016]( - [2017]( - [2018]( [2019]( - [01]( - [02]( - [03]( - [04]( - [05]( - [06]( - [07]( - [08]( #
2019-08-15 - Thursday - [PST]( - Daily journal: # Painting Blood [10:22 AM - Steemit]( I never thought about painting blood outside of The Walking Dead or on the set of other movies, television shows, etc. # Destroying Fathers [10:24 AM - Steemit]( NOTICE: A big part of the anti-children, anti-traditional-family agendas is PREVENTING PERVs from being healed. # Coconut [10:31 AM - Steemit]( Anything coconut is the best. # Pastor Sam [10:45 AM - IWA]( You do not have evidence for claiming Pastor Sam is not a pastor. You guys are fake news. Legally, not theologically, where is the evidence that Sam is not a pastor? People who met Pastor Sam in real life should talk more about how untrustworthy Pastor Sam is or is not. It is true that I wanted to be the Mini Me because I am a Mini Me. Is Sam not a Legal Pastor or not a Theological Pastor or not a Religious Pastor or what kind of pastor is Sam not? Hello, Supreme Commander, can I get a taco please? I am the Original Oatmeal Joey Arnold. Did you tell the police to go after Robber Sam? Mommy, please don't hide my SNES Sim City game. I need to get 500,000 people in my city before Donald Trump fires me. Please do NOT go after me. Thank you so much for not going after me. Step Daddy, can I get two scoops of ice-cream like my Real Dad Donald Trump and his gay wife, Alex Jones, and his uncle, Pastor Sam? A stand-down is irrelevant and is fake news. Germs do not stand-down inside the human body. A stand-down is a gateway for the Trojan Horse. "STANDING-DOWN" is like apologizing to the left. Standing-Down is how Drag Queen Story Hour went viral. Standing-down is how Europe allowed George Soros to Jihad them. Standing-down is like trying to be nice to cancer. Oh, cancer, please do not spread and I will NOT kill you, Mister Cancer. Standing-down is like firefighters becoming Fire Whisperers. Standing down is like letting your wife sleep with the Star Wars Emperor. Dear Alex Jones, Please stand down and we will not kill you. Yours truly, George Soros Stand down means surrender, which is what Europe did. Vitt lives with me in our basement. I also live under train tracks. I'm a train troll. As Train Troll, I maintain the Trump Track. # Republic Game [11:13 AM - IWA]( Is that game promoting what we do or what George Soros does? # Whistle Blowing [11:47 AM - IWA]( # Deep Mind [11:50 AM - YouTube]( Dragon Fly was a fake project, a disinformation campaign, to distract people from the real Google AI project called Deep Mind. I would not be surprised if Deep Mind was a cover for something even darker. There are probably other projects as well. # Work Dishes. Mowed the front lawn. Filled in the hole near the trailer. Shower. Shaved my beard. Uploaded 7 videos. Geeks & Gamers. Trump Rally. 2016 Review. Soup. Google Whistle Blower in Infowars. # Four Steemit Accounts [03:28 PM - Steemit]( I keep track of them in my head and through templates and through the links on the Steemit Header. If you look at the header, it links to one account. If you click on it, then you will see a link to a third account which then links to the 4th which then links to the first. # Travel Feed App [03:33 PM - Steemit]( Does the Travel Feed app tax users when they post? I'm guessing, maybe all apps of Steem do in a way, but may be a small number which I guess is ok. I guess some people would not want to call it a tax. I look at things differently. I understand how Steem works with the pool and the upvotes and everything, basically. I guess I'm trying to compare the Travel Feed app with Busy and Steemit and Dtube and other apps of Steem. # Ben Oakes Oaks [03:38 PM - IWA]( I don't understand why people leave websites. I would simply stop coming here if I wanted to. But I would not delete my account because I want to influence people over to other places. # Infocomms Debate [03:41 PM - IWA]( I probably should delete that video of myself. It's like eating ice-cream. I eat it and then I regret eating it. That's why I'm Oatmeal and not Ice-Cream Poodle Peddle Puddle. # Peanut Parents [03:44 PM - Steemit]( Romantic. You must be the mother of Charlie Brown because we could never see their heads either. # Grounded Principles [03:48 PM - Steemit]( Love is a fundamental way of life, like nature, it is an eternal force that blows like the wind and it can hurt if you resist the pull and a lot of it has to do with perspective grounded on patient principles that is actively practiced among people. # Google Video [03:58 PM - IWA]( Was that video made on Google Video or YouTube or is there a website called Gib Gab? The URL seems to read as in like Google Video or something. I thought Google ended Google Video when they bought YouTube. [Yes. Kind of. Some stuff is saved to this Google owned URL.]( [Public URLs.]( [Google Drive.]( # Pastor Sam Thread [05:55 PM - IWA]( I am like a cow. It is all about digesting. It's a metaphor. Two steps: 1. Get out of my body = Like deporting illegal immigrants or removing things out of your life that is there without your awareness. 2. Get into my belly is all about digesting what you put into your body, everything that you take in and out, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, socially, eternally, psychologically, eternally. # Why Hillary Clinton is Not in Jail = Epstein [07:10 PM - IWA]( If Hillary Clinton was in jail, how long would it take for people to murder her like they murdered Jeffrey Epstein? # Comcast WANTED Adventure Host [07:28 PM - IWA]( Imagine if there was an even greater demand for Oatmeal Videos. I guessed I'm still recovering from what Comcast did in destroying at least three of my YouTube channels, thousands of videos lost, it seems, and ironically I was on their television show which was filmed in Oregon in 2009; one might think and theorize in a crazy conspiracy that Comcast thinks they own me since they had me sign something in 2009 for Comcast WANTED Adventure Host which used me, the green original oatmeal, in their promo ads, the commercials, and everybody was telling my dad, and only if he got a quarter every time a person would tell him, he would be rich he said many times over the years, and that is despite being voted off the island or off the Simon Cowell American Idol stage so to speak. # Oatmeal Fighting Leviticus as kids. [07:34 PM - IWA]( Back in 1992 in Oregon. Yeah, we go way back. @Leviticus has been jealous of me ever since. PS. Leviticus is the white one lol cuz I'm black on the inside, ya know. # Marian [07:39 PM - IWA]( Me and Marian The Ironic Mystic in the Jungles of Uranus. # Clinton Body Count [07:41 PM - IWA]( They might have been talking about autocomplete search assistance. # Leviticus Loins [07:57 PM - IWA]( Leviticus, my long lost lover. Kansas has been talking to all of us. But are you saying that Sam is a con artist who only steals and never helps people enough and and didn't Kansas freely donate to Sam out of choice and not with a gun held to his head, as in an unconditional and not conditional covenant agreement contract which means compensation is not required, right? Did Sam steal money from Kansas, yes or no? Are you sure Kansas didn't donate money to Sam? Did Sam work with bad people? But you are doing something like doxing already. Is it really doxing if it is already public? If tech cartels and governments violate the 4th amendment, that means that private things are now public, meaning doxing is diluted in that sense. Many things are public in a variety of ways. Many things on the Internet is theoretically public, potentially or actually, depending on whether ownership rights are violated or not. Plus, the 4th amendment thing. Plus, just the overall system to how the Internet works. Me and Leviticus were really cool back in the good old days. Oh geez, make the good old days the good old days again, dear Trump, I mean, dear patriots, as we are all in it together, as Hulk Hogan puts it, brother. Pastor Joey thinks you are funny haha. I was very sad when Leviticus ran away from home. I was crying for so many months that I grew this big long beard. This is what I looked like before Leviticus ran away. # Misconceptions [08:10 PM - Steemit]( Very true. Especially the last part about equality. I agree as life is not as simple as a video game. Opportunities can branch from the results of the past, generation after generation, meaning that it varies over time depending on where you are and many different variables. # Pastor Sam [08:28 PM - IWA]( Are missionaries pastors? Was Apostle Paul a pastor? # Misses Leviticus [09:35 PM - IWA]( Me and misses Leviticus before the sex-change. # Trump 2020 [10:21 PM - IWA]( They will be trying to delete at least 50 million of the 2020 Trump Votes and at the same time fabricate millions of fake votes for other people. # My Autobiography [10:26 PM - IWA]( I am writing my own public autobiography online, on Steemit, for the record in order to live a transparent life in order to share the SECRETS of the universe through my life, to educate, entertain, equip, emulate, evaluate, archive, etc. So, you could say that either my biography is based on a true story or I'm a pretty creative fictional writer lol. I came back from Vietnam to America in 2017 because of Alex Jones and mostly because of Trump and partly left the USA in 2012 because of Obama and I'm back in America for the moment for a bunch of reasons, long story. @Zor, you hate private property rights? That is basically the only thing I say on the Infocomms. The main points that I try to emphasize is focused on personal freedoms and rights over whatever individuals may in fact own (bought) fully and completely, including like land, houses, cars, rainwater, etc, etc.
# The Resistance 1776 [11:44 AM - 🚨◄ Alex J0nes (Segments 1 and 2) • Thurs • August 15th, 2019 ►🚨]( # Google is trying to break this video. I had to restart it five times already.
# []() #
# 2019-08-15 - Thursday [Published in August of 2019]( [by Oatmeal]( [Joey Arnold in Shelton, WA, USA]( - [Biography]( - [Contact Me]( - [Taught English in Vietnam]( - [Live Bookmark - Get My RSS Feed]( - [My Newsfeed]( - [Infowars Activism Forum]( [Tomorrow's News Today]( # Oatmeal Joey Arnold [Infocomms Debate - Racist White Milk]( #
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# Oatmeal Joey Arnold [02:20 PM - WWE Oatmeal Theme Song]( #
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