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# No Bible Study. Watched the 1st Democratic [Clown World]( Debate. [May 2015.]( [Alaska Russia Tunnel.]( [Ukraine taught me Family First Values.]( [Jared Kushner Recaps the Peace to Prosperity Summit in Bahrain but Says Palestinian & Not Israeli.]( [The XXtra Report.]( [Stealing Pictures Debate.]( [Biker Speed Limit. If it is a shared lane with pedestrians and not alongside a busy road, then the speed limit is there to keep the bikers from crashing into the walkers. If that is a bad idea, then those people need to protest and show up at town halls in order to remove that speed limit.]( [Sports.]( [Motivation Debate.]( [Some advice about being single]( - [Dating advice here.]( [Facebook Abortion Debate.](
# [By Oatmeal Joey Arnold]( [Contact Me]( - [Facebook]( - [Infowars]( - [Discord]( - [Steemit]( - [Telegram]( - [Other Social Networks]( # # [My Life in 2019]( [January]( - [February]( - [March]( - [April]( - [May]( - [June]( - [July]( [![Savannah FAV Screenshot at 2019-06-26 19:16:00.png](]( [Clown World](
Some highlights from Wednesday the 26th of June of 2019, as follows: # Facebook Group [Original Oatmeal Club]( # Deception 02:24 AM - [@Fubar is lying about me concerning child porn as I was not talking about what Fubar claims it would seem as I was trying to talk about freewill and many different things that Fubar seems not to understand (over his head).]( The lies about me is like fake news. I know what it is like to be Trump and Alex Jones. I told Fubar about it and he acts like I didn't say anything about it, allegedly it seems as I tried many times to tell Fubar and it is like he forgot what I said about it or is purposely pretending as if I didn't say anything at all. So, I know what it is like to be @Benoaks and other people. I try to make points. I try to explain things. I try to make illustrations. But no matter how many words or how little words I use, some people seem to say that I did things or said things or meant to say things that I am trying to say that I'm not saying. I try to emphasize on free markets, on free speech. I try to promote smaller government. The meaning to life is in freewill. That does not necessarily mean that I endorse what people choose to do with their freewill which may include child porn, but freewill is fundamental. On top of that, the consequences, the results, is like gravity. It is part of what life is all about. Again, I'm trying to say ten things at the same time. That is why some people make fun of me, allegedly, because I'm always trying to say everything at the same time. Right now, I'm trying to address so many different things at the same time. That's why I'm writing so much. That's why I have been making thousands of videos and audio tapes since the age of seven in 1992 in Oregon. I am very liberal. So, @Fubar probably hates that I'm NOT EXTERNALLY conservative. I'm liberal, externally and conservative internally. In other words, if you want to have an abortion, my stance is liberal on that, externally that is, meaning that I'm not going to stop you. I just prefer not paying for your abortion. We can talk about free speech. We can talk about slippery slopes. We can talk about dozens of topics all at the same time. Sadly, some people will continue to lie about me and pretend that I'm saying things I'm not saying. Again, I'm trying to quickly summarize as bunch of things. More on all of these things later. # California 02:42 AM - [Good idea. That happens in the Cyber Punk game in 2077, California becomes a place of anarchy.]( # Anderson Thread 09:39 AM - [@Zor, but according to @Leviticus and @Mr.Anderson and possibly to some people, have you not asked them?]( @Mr.Anderson, I am writing about you on my blog on Steemit. Anderson: "And after that, find a closed garage, turn on your car and sit in it for a while." Me: "@Mr.Anderson gets mad whenever I mention 5G alternatives." Anderson replied: "Your mother got mad when she couldn’t flush you completely down the toilet." # Forum Debate 09:43 AM - [Is it a Leviticus account or an Oatmeal account?]( # Trump 09:46 AM - [RSBN - President Trump Speaks at the Faith & Freedom Coalition 2019 Road To Majority Policy Conference]( # # Stealing Photos 10:09 AM - [Because that picture couldn't be mine, right?]( Hypothetically speaking? We should not promote free speech, right? We should go crazy with copyrights, patents, trademarks, etc, right? We should throw people in jail for hate speech just like Hitler's Nazi Germany's 1984 Thought Police did, right? We should limit freedom, rights, liberties, which come from God and not state, and let's pretend that freedom comes from the state. Let's tell everybody what they can and cannot do with what might be private property for example, right? Is that what you are trying to say, @Fubar, that you desire to violate private property rights, and promote thought police and globalism? A profile picture avatar might be, hypothetically, private property, in some ways, that is in some ways, and not necessarily the pictures itself but the process of how it works. Some would argue that pictures are not necessarily owned by certain people apart from how they were created as files and where and when and how as digital pictures are not the same as real-life photos. Long story short, old people may not even get what I'm saying. Some of what I'm saying is mostly hypothetical, theoretical, apart from what is practical and applicable. What I'm saying has a bit to do with private property rights and that means it may depend on where the picture files were and whether they were private or public. See, files can be private property if saved on a private computer in a private house that is owned by you, the property owner for example. But with the Internet, with how files can be on many different computers, servers, globally, that could blur the line between what might be private and public. A few different factors might exist in this big debate. For example, what about a copy? Technically, my avatar here is a copy of a picture. I didn't steal the picture. The picture didn't move. It is like a car that looks the same. So, you have a private car on your land. I make a car on my private property that looks like your car. So, you could say that I stole your car. I would say no because I made that car. Yes, my car looks like your car. But I might have copied your design. But it is my car. Likewise, this picture looks like another picture. Technically, they are not the same pictures any more than my dollar bill is your dollar bill. I created a new picture file that is identical to another picture file. But in the realm of private property, they are 2 different files. They are not the same file. There are two or more files. The newer file did not replace and steal the former file. So, I am trying to say a bunch of different things at the same time. Many different things. I want people to understand all of these different things at the same time. Different factors. But it might go over the heads of some people. That is too bad. @cyberpunkspike, what do you think about that? So, I should stop promoting 5G alternatives and begin insulting innovation like @Mr.Anderson does? Is @Leviticus right about what he is saying about some things? So, maybe he should be crowned the new king of this forum, right? Because I crossed that invisible line, right? # Owen Knows Thread 10:13 AM - [Ban Joey Comment]( - [Mr.Anderson]( replied: "The reason why the troll copied theiz’s avatar is because he wants the image/meme thread. If you notice, there are two identical threads. He changed the title of his original “mega” thread to copy theiz, so people would post on his. He is an extremely childish, sociopathic troll. BAN JOEY." # American's Trojan Horse Thread 10:15 AM - [@Memeart, can we house the aliens in your house and let them take over the country? ]( @Memeart, just don't take pictures of illegal immigrants. That would be very Unamerican. Don't tell ICE. Don't tell anybody whenever you see refugees. Just close your eyes whenever there are aliens around. If you look at them the wrong way, or say anything in a local town hall, that would be very racist. So, please keep your head down and be nice to our guests. Don't try to raise awareness to it. Don't talk about it. Just be silent and hope for the best. # Extra Report 10:17 AM - [The XXtra Report]( - @Trey060, I bookmarked your website. I found this one story from your Extra Report Site: [ Dozens of Trump Supporters Speak Out About Censorship.]( # Physical Property vs Virtual Property 10:51 AM - [Technically, my computer should be my private property, if I bought it.]( Specifically, the Internet is the "INTER" which means between and NET which means networks. Put INTER and NET together, and you get "Between Networks." So, it comes down to who owns what. There are different parts to the Internet, perhaps. So, it is important to have a map of the Internet in order to know which parts are owned, theoretically, by who, by whom, or whatever. Do we want the government to buy up parts of the Internet in the same ways they own National Forests for example? How much of the Internet should be private and how much of it should be public or whatever? Facebook came out of the government. So, Facebook was not private. Facebook probably is still not private. Some argue that Facebook is like a utility. I believe in promoting private property rights. I promote Make Government Small Again. Do we want government to steal websites? I would say no to that. In regards to Google, Facebook, etc, assuming that they came out of DARPA, the CIA, AKA the government, etc, if all of that is true, then those big tech giants are already the children of the government and therefore you could maybe nationalize them in theory, assuming they are not already secretly nationalized or whatever. So, some believe that nationalizing them is the better course of action. That might be true, if you can't sue them in court or try them in court for their crimes. Long story short, we may not want government to own most of the Internet. That could be problematic if the government is overtaken by leftist politicians in the future. In theory, an Internet Bill of Rights might work. We may not need it. So, it depends on a bunch of factors. I say, go after big tech in federal court and promote private property rights. I want to keep my computer safe and in my control, if I own my computer. You should own your computer. When we connect computers together, that forms an INTRANET or Internet or whatever. So, the cables, routers, modems, ISP, gateways, etc, may be owned by me, you, other people, and/or etc. So, in other words, there are different parts that makes up the Internet and it depends on who owns the different parts, the physical parts and not the digital data in those parts, computers, etc. I do not want to grant excessive private property rights to the actual data itself, the electricity, the waves, the digital aspect to data as it is moving and flowing through computers, cables, wires, routers, hard drives, RAM, CPUs, etc. Technically, you could claim ownership over electricity just like you can own water, but how do you prove which water molecules are owned by you and which are owned by me? We have the same problem when we discuss who owns which electricity molecules as it runs around in cyberspace. So, technically speaking, you may own the volts, the digital information, as it runs around the Internet, but how do you prove it? That's tough. So, technically, we could try to police that. I would rather not police digital data and only focus on physical property as opposed to focusing more on virtual property as that is very complex. Very complex. # Biker Speed Limit 10:57 AM - [If it is a shared lane with pedestrians and not alongside a busy road, then the speed limit is there to keep the bikers from crashing into the walkers. If that is a bad idea, then those people need to protest and show up at town halls in order to remove that speed limit.]( I am fine with it as long as you can see those signs. The bikers could avoid riding through the park and simply ride around it on other roads that don't have those speed limits or camp out at a town hall and beg them to left the sanction. # Quack Quack Oatmeal 11:12 AM - [So, I should be deported and aliens should live in my house?]( Hello, @DuckDuckGo, Ben Aflack Geico Batman, quack quack. @Memeart assumes humor. What humor? So, this is funny to @Memeart. I never said anything about comedy. But people will continue to lie about me. See, you cannot hear me talk. This is written. So, you read into it as you read it. You make assumptions about what I'm writing. That's too bad. You become fake news as you choose to make excessive assumptions. That is a bad habit that humans have when you study psychology, anthropology, sociology. People love to jump to conclusions. That's why some people believe in Open Borders. They're wrong, but I'm trying to make many different points at the same time. It's not being funny or not funny. It's about finding ways to engage people and to encourage them to take real action. Sometimes, you have shake things up and try new things in order to educate and to make things happen. I'm not too sure what @Memeart is saying specifically. But I'll try not to jump to too many conclusions. I'm trying to promote action towards trying to keep an eye on things, a Neighborhood Watch. But I guess I'm the racist for wanting what we already have, a Neighborhood Watch. But I'm the ugly fat racist weirdo in the conversation for mentioning a bit of common sense. Because Neighborhood Watch is racist, right? I didn't use that as a title. But that is what I was trying to say. But @Memeart seems to be promoting the opposite of what I'm saying. When @Memeart wrote that I was being disrespectful, he was actually saying that he was being disrespectful because I was not saying that, he was. I was amplifying what he might have been implying. I didn't say he did imply it, but people could and might misinterpret what he said earlier to mean what I said. And what I said was basically an emphasis on what he already said. But if I say it, then I am the bad man like ORANGE MAN BAD. It is like, I am the bad person no matter what I say. Just paint me orange. Turn me into a duck because all I hear is quack quack oatmeal. # Smoking Weed In the School Bus 11:15 AM - [It was the bus driver from the Simpsons, reincarnated backwards in time.]( [Fubar]( wrote: "When I was 15, I was riding on the school bus, and the driver said, sit right here behind me, he hand me the huge side mirror of the bus, and bag of weed, and said twist one up. So the bus driver, me and girl smoke a J, in the front of the bus, all the way home, 1980 CT. In front of all the other kids. I never saw that driver again." # Government Oversight Can Be Bad 11:17 AM - [@Memeart is promoting invasion of privacy as the different parts of the Internet is and can be owned by individuals and when you promote government oversight, then you therefore promote a violation of the fourth amendment concerning privacy and I'm here to promote private property rights.]( It comes down to private property rights for each individual part of the Internet. Because the Internet is not water. The Internet is not one thing. The Internet is many different physical entities that can be owned by different individuals. @Memeart said that the Internet is owned by the world. If AOC read that, AOC would say, possibly: "That's proof that communism and socialism and Obamaism works as we the world owns the Internet." Specifically, the Internet is many different parts. Therefore, the Internet is or should be owned by different individuals who might own those different parts that make up the Internet. Meme Art replied saying that of course people know that the world means different individual owners. I replied: "@Memeart, is AOC smart enough to understand that?" Theoretically, breaking up big tech is cool. But that is only theoretically speaking. I want to emphasize on the word theoretical. # Meme Art Deception 11:19 AM - [Paragraphs Needed]( - [Memeart]( wrote: "To see you post such things tells me you are perfectly capable intellectually to comprehend what you are doing. Your delivery is far from eloquent and you could use a fair amount of paragraph spacing." But he failed to mention that I was already doing that. Normally, I include paragraphs and even paragraph titles. He might have forgot about that or is choosing not to mention it. That might be too misleading. # Family First Values 11:23 AM - [My friend, Andrew Moroz, was from the Ukraine. I met his family in New York. We attended WOLBI. You can learn family first values from people like them.]( # Alphabet Black Contracts 11:31 AM - [Why is government not terminating their black contracts with Alphabet?]( YouTube Oregon could be the same as YouTube California in the same ways that fake news collude with the same stories on many different networks, websites, like CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, sometimes Fox, etc, etc. Theoretically, cutting a worm into smaller pieces is cool. But then those smaller pieces may continue to move. Government has black contracts with them. Some people want to enforce communism onto the Internet and destroy private property rights. They have servers in different countries. # Eliminate Taxes 11:53 AM - [That's why we should limit taxes because we are paying the police to do this.]( Too often, they say they don't have enough money, enough resources, to do something. But then they come out of nowhere to do stuff like this. That's one of the reasons why taxes should be eliminated. Force them to do what The Salvation Army does with the kettles during Christmas. Make them raise their own money. Fundraisers. Go Fund Me Police. # Israel & Bahrain 12:01 PM - YouTube - [Jared Kushner Recaps the Peace to Prosperity Summit in Bahrain]( - I commented on that video: "Not Palestinian. I am against Palestine. Jared said Palestinian. I'm for Israel and the Jews, the Israeli people who were there first." # Timeout 12:26 PM - [Google Debate]( - [Mike Adams suggests that government puts Google in timeout for an equal amount of time that is equal to the time that Google meddled in U.S. elections.]( A two year timeout, possibly. # May of 2015 01:29 PM - [2015-05 - My Life in Vietnam in May of 2015 Review]( - Facebook banned me in May 2015. Vietnamese staff emailed me saying that was an accident. I was probably teaching Lego Mark that month, still. I was teaching for free at the 23/9 park during my free time. I was living at Old Ink in District 1 of Saigon, Vietnam. [New Avatar in Old Ink.]( Sometimes, on Facebook, I would suggest high tuition for my English classes which then led to hateful comments. After that, I would suggest free classes which followed with lovely comments of how beautiful and great I was. Ironically, I did this many times and people never called me out for it. Apparently, it seems like as if they didn't take the time to contrast the different posts of mine. I was trying to make a point. Actually, many points. I made some videos about learning English. YouTube banned those videos. # Sports 01:43 PM - [My favorite sport is basketball. My younger sister played rugby, which is a pretty tough sport. A fun sport for me is volleyball. But any sport can be fun. In some ways, I do prefer football over soccer.]( # Incitement to Violence 02:15 PM - [@Benoaks, I should write a book explaining how incitement to violence could be, might be, possibly, a slippery slope,]( a subjective gateway towards enforcing authoritarian thought control, that is the things that the EU is trying to do in banning memes and alleged hate speech and everything. @Minutemen-Of-America, thanks for, allegedly, having my back, my six, or not, I guess. Who knows if you meant it. But I'm going to take it either way. Infocomms probably has the right to censor posts, @Rob_Roy, probably. Facebook probably does not have that same right. Judges should understand liability protection which could separate the platforms and the public comments. Infocomms could ban me any time they want. I support that right that they probably have. Facebook, however, probably doesn't have that same right. @FreedomFighter414, how Muslim is Mexico? # Hawaii 02:26 PM - [I was on the Big Island in 2007 and I was a bit scared of being so close to that volcano.]( # Mexico Jihadism 02:28 PM - [How big is Jihadism in Mexico? How much of it is infiltrating into America?]( # Motivation 02:35 PM - [@Texas_T, we have many different problems.]( But one problem at a time is how progress is made. One step at a time, systematically, practically speaking. It's all about getting from point A to point B. It's about an attempt to get the ball rolling in the right direction towards some momentum and acceleration. Little by little each day as opposed to an all or nothing mentality that humans generally have. We want everything to be perfect or to change. When we fail, then we can become fatalistic. We can become depressed, frozen, inactive. I'm trying to find ways to inspire new people towards the adventure that life has to offer them. The people that are already active get it. But what about the sleepers? Can we wake them up? How do we do that? # Clown World Wrestling 02:39 PM - [Hulk Hogan, can you smell what the Oatmeal NWO Rock is cooking?]( # Avatar Object Lesson Experiment 03:47 PM - [@Artsyneva, I have a few reasons for doing what I'm doing. Many years ago, I did this on Facebook as well. Long story. I'm trying to make some points. I'm also experimenting at the same time, secondarily speaking. But, primarily, I'm trying to help people see some things. It's like an object lesson.]( # Courting Over Dating 03:49 PM - [@TheIsz, wow, AOC, is kind of hot. But think twice before dating prematurely with the wrong person. People should focus on courting over dating.]( # Dating Advice 04:09 PM - [Some advice about being single]( - [Dating advice here]( # Bike Limit Debate 05:29 PM- [Bikes can go on the side of the street, that space between roads and sidewalks.]( # Alaska Russia Tunnel 05:39 PM - [@greatgonzochops, speaking of monkeys, did you know there is a tunnel between Russia and Alaska?]( # Vimeo Censors? 05:51 PM - [So, Vimeo is censoring Project Veritas?]( # Freedom Fighter 06:09 PM - [@FreedomFighter414, dude, chill with the profanity.]( # Minimum Wage 06:23 PM - [Minimum wage is a rigging of the free market system.]( # Screenshot Sharing 06:29 PM - [@Trey060, what the HELL. What the OATMEAL. Stop the stupid retarded screenshot sharing lol, just kidding.]( The purpose of my screenshots was to capture history, one picture per candidate, mainly. # Republican Debate 2019 06:32 PM - [Will they have a republican debate with ten candidates or will they bow to Trump running again for their side?]( The lady said that they, as democrats, will get behind whoever they push to go against Trump, no matter what, no matter who. @FreedomFighter414, I hope you beat off to child porn. @Fubar would love that. @FreedomFighter414, wow, amazing, thank you. # Begging 06:50 PM - Facebook - [This family in Shelton, WA begs for money. They may not be the poorest people on earth. They might not be the richest people. So, the mother, 2 daughters, and a son, might be fake. They might be this or that. Some people might not like that they are seen around Safeway, Fred Meyers, Walmart.]( # Abortion Debate 09:16 PM - Facebook - [Kera Logan my main concern is taxes... i just do not want to pay for the abortions with my money.... your body, your choice, and your money lol, Andrew Frees, i promote freewill for each individual as long as it does not interfere with the freewill of other individuals..... money for example]( # WYI 2010 Friend [Sharon Clayton met me at WYI in 2010. She was working with The Salvation Army. She loves helping people.]( # 5G Alternatives 09:37 PM - [Wireless Multi-Threading Bit Torrent Internet is faster and healthier than 5G.]( # Jesus, Girl, or Money? 09:40 PM - Facebook- [Give me the money. I'll get the girl with the money. Then when she runs off with it, then I'll be looking and crying out for that first thing.]( # Gun Control Music Video 09:52 PM - YouTube - [Madonna - Wake Up - God Control]( - Good find. Silly, as she could have had a gun when those guys jumped her in that video. #
# Meme Thread 10:31 PM - [@Bingozee, you do not want to start a meme thread? Are you against free speech? Did @TheIsz copyright that thread?]( # Child Porn Debate 10:36 PM - [@Fubar, I did not say you were one.]( I did not say that you said I was one. That was not what I was trying to say. I was discussing the role of government and I was not talking about morality. I'm a Christian. I believe in the Ten Commandments. I hate child porn. I'm against that. But I was talking about the relationship that government should have with individuals, with citizens. I'm trying to emphasize on anarchy, on the opposite of authoritarianism. So, I made an analogy using the topic of child porn as an example to compare the contrast between authoritarianism and anarchy and that is one of the many different things that I try to say. I try to make deep points. They are deep sophisticated points. But I enjoy using small words while making my points. Many different points at the same time. I want to make government smaller. It is tough to do that if they have to enforce too many laws, rules, that can become too subjective when God is taken out of society as mentioned in that like 2002 or 2003 movie called Time Changer. # His Avatar Debate 10:44 PM - [@Fubar, how do you know that is his picture?]( The answer to that question is simply that you assume that it is the avatar of @TheIsz solely based off the fact that he was using it. However, that is not how the Internet works. I can write a book about that. It seems that you really don't get it. But most people would agree with you. But most people can be wrong about many things. Just because a lot of people agree on something (democracy), that doesn't mean it is necessarily true. I do what I do for many different reasons and I have been doing these things for over a decade now and I believe in the many different things that I do. I should write books about the different things that I do. I am trying to explain over ten different things to you and to the world. I am asking questions. I am trying to show you some new things. Some new things. Some different things. I'm asking you to think outside the box, the Matrix. @Fubar, people think that I'm @TheIsz because they see his avatar as my avatar and they can't look any close than that? # Not True Debate 10:52 PM - [Yes. Best looking woman. If somebody said I was a dinosaur, it would be no big deal, if I was not a dinosaur.]( If you said 1+1=5, I would think nothing of it. Obviously, that's not true. Alex Jones says that all the time. If I say something that is not true, then it's not true. But if I said it, then there must be a reason why I said it. I'm not really retarded. But I'm in disguise. I'm incognito. So, @Fubar, if I said something about you or anybody that is not true, then it is not true. But you can know that I know it's not true. Common sense. 4D Chess. Think about why I would say something that might not be entirely accurate. Well, there are reasons. You can see that. You can think about that. It's common sense. I'm Sherlock Holmes. It's elementary, my dear Watson. I'm giving you clues. It's a mystery. A big oatmeal mystery. # Faraday Cage 11:00 PM - Twitter - [Buy a Faraday cage to keep your computer safe from EMP attacks.]( # Bingozee Bingoze 11:09 PM - [@Bingozee @Bingoze banned me from his Discord. He said he was not going to do that but he did.]( Additionally, he placed me on mute. He likes to talk at people and not with them. It is like yelling at somebody like leftists do followed with running away. Freewill is always there, of course. Freewill is fundamental. Our choices define us. We can choose dialog or we can choose, perhaps, to run away. # Building Brand 11:14 PM - [Stolen Avatar & Respect Debate]( - [Fubar]( replied to me: "@Leviticus @Bingozee @TheIsz @Mr.Anderson @Rob_Roy @Memeart @Mischief_With_Griff; Joey, I think all the people above have tried to be your friend, they have tried to give you good advice, and I think you are rebelling, like a child against the parents. And from you own you have said, you are a 34 year old MAN, not a child. Please stop using other avatar and confuse people on comments etc, that now they see think are from one person and they are not. You have HI jacked everything THeIsz]( has said, you have corrupted it. Have respect for others, it will build respect for your self." [Thelsz responded: "Au contraire, he hasn’t corrupted anything I’ve said or done. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. If anything he’s making me look good by doing nothing at all, and destroying any semblance of respect for himself. Same sorta deal like when Alex Baldwin tries to make fun of Trump and fails miserably."
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# Israel & Bahrain 12:01 PM - YouTube - [Jared Kushner Recaps the Peace to Prosperity Summit in Bahrain]( - I commented on that video: "Not Palestinian. I am against Palestine. Jared said Palestinian. I'm for Israel and the Jews, the Israeli people who were there first." #
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