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# Norma Lear is only 96 years young. [Dreck Brianna is Pretending to be Marissa Da'Nae?]( Debating Game of Thrones: [Yeah. Agreed. The story was not told very well.]( America was a republic until certain things happened. Mike didn't know that. Also, the electoral college is not supposed to be winner-takes-all. Mike got that wrong as well. They're trying to take over America. What are we doing to stop that?
# [My Life in 2019]( [January]( - [February]( - [March]( - [April]( - [May]( - [June]( # [Contact Me]( [Facebook]( - [Infowars]( - [Discord]( - [Steemit]( - [Telegram]( - [Other Social Networks]( # [![Norma Lear 96 Years old in 2019.jpg](]( [Info Wars](
Some highlights from Wednesday the 22nd of May of 2019, as follows: # Dreams 08:11 AM - Had some dreams. I remember some of them that I had this morning. First one I remember involves returning to my high school as a student. Second involves returning to Vietnam. Third involves returning to Camp Kuratli. Also, I remember being back at my first home where I grew up in Forest Grove. In my life, I've had dreams involving returning to my high school and returning to my first college, Word of Life Bible Institute, in New York. I've also had dreams before of being back home where I grew up. In my first dream, I was going back to high school. I was allowed to go back somehow. But it wasn't explained how I was back or for how long. It was like I was doing my Senior year again. My younger sister was around. I was trying to get her to go with me. I was thinking about getting onto my school bus. I was going to make sure I showed the bus driver my school ID. I mostly thought about what it would be like and what I would do and who I might see at my high school. I saw images as if I was back there. Like flashbacks. So, this dream was almost like not a dream as it contained fragmented ideas and flashbacks, mostly. Some of the flashbacks might have been from previous related dreams. Some of what might have happened in this dream may have been original to this dream. Second dream involves returning to Vietnam. That reminds of dreams where I'm in airports and airplanes. This dream didn't have airports or airplanes but it may have began not in Vietnam. I thought a lot in the dream about where I was and where I was going to go. Where would that be? Not sure. I just remember thinking about something. In one of my dreams, maybe this one, I was in my first home playing video games. There were friends or strangers over. I ate some cereal with milk from the kitchen. I remember grabbing the cereal from the cupboard above the oven. In the living room, I sat down on my like special chair that does not exist in real life. I had this special television monitor thing that was wide-screen. People were on the couch near me. I was like playing video games and maybe was watching TV and I was maybe doing a few different things and I think some of them went on to play video games with me. I was thinking of getting up to get more cereal. I would have to disturb them as I got up. Maybe I did. In another dream maybe, I was in a hallway. I walked towards a staircase. This may have been like a school. Some college students, or maybe younger than that, began singing a little to get me to sing as they must have known me. I made up my own words as I sung a little. They stuck to the original words of whatever we were singing. My third dream of returning to Kuratli involves talking to Mike Kurtz, our Wilderness Camp Director. He talked about some of the adventures he had at Kuratli when I wasn't there. I saw a bunch of car tires. So, I'm guessing an obstacle course. We must have talked about random things. I can't seem to remember why I was at Kuratli, but it reminds me of other dreams I've had in my life involving camps and forests and hiking. # Bear Shares 09:10 AM - [I love focusing on what is better as opposed to merely what could be good versus what might be bad. You can do good. You can do good things. But sometimes, what is good gets in the way of what might be even better in your life. So, the argument that says something is good is average. You can rationalize doing good. But that can be a distraction from doing even better things.]( # Serey 09:11 AM - [We talked about Bitcoin. Satoshi had a great response to that debate of whether you should do it or not. That is good. If that doesn't work, then just tell that you do what you want to do and that is what freedom is all about.]( # Good Christian? 09:30 AM - [Being a good Christian might be the same as being a good person from an external perspective,]( from people who are not Christians, they may not tell the difference which lies in salvation by grace through faith. # Star Wars Twitter 09:38 AM - Star Wars is trending on Twitter because there are some new photos for their next film, The Rise of Skywalker. [Jack Posobiec said: "PREDICTION Someone from the First Order will say "We will Make the Galaxy Great Again" Screenshot this."]( # Fake People Alert 10:03 AM - 04:15 PM - [Dreck Brianna is Pretending to be Marissa Da'Nae?]( - On Twitter, [she]( asked me many questions. She asked me for money. She asked me for my pictures. Oh, my pics are on my blog, on Facebook, Twitter, Steemit, and many different websites all over the Internet. She wrote that she is from California but now lives in Chicago. She asked me where I was from. I told her that I'm from Oregon. She then went on to ask about that city. Wait, Oregon is a state and not a city. I decided not to ask her about that. I let it go. It appears as if she didn't know that Oregon was a state. It's possible that she was asking about the city that I'm from inside Oregon. I try to give people the benefit of a doubt. [Her Twitter is Dreck Briana.]( Is Dreck pretending to be [Marissa Da'Nae?]( It's possible that I'm wrong concerning who she might be. I've suspected that she is not exactly who she said is. I've noticed grammar errors in how she or he writes. She called me baby. She doesn't even know me. She followed Lionel Nation and doesn't even know who he is, I'm guessing. # Yard Work 10:30 AM - 03:30 PM - Yard work. Weeding by the raspberries. Hose connected up in the backyard now. Washed the dishes. Showered. # Game of Thrones Debate 04:47 PM - [Yeah. Agreed. The story was not told very well.]( Some people say they disagree. That's silly to disagree. We could have beef with the people that made GOT or even with the story itself. Those are probably discussions for another time. Geek & Gamers Jeremy have made videos focused on how the story was not told very well, like you said. That in and of itself is a topic worth discussing. # Church & State Debate 04:53 PM - [Right. That's the tough part because I prefer the separation of church and state and Islamic countries do away with that.]( So, that is beginning to happen in America and in Europe as well. It's a dangerous slippery slope. Historically, this kind of thing happens again and again. So, it is simply a dangerous thing that people should be aware of when they are voting and protesting and everything. # Big Panties 04:57 PM - [I agree with how vulnerability and transparency and honesty can be a starting point towards discovery about self and many things in character development.]( # Bible Study 05:00 PM - 08:30 PM - Can we begin the first year in 1 BC to represent zero and describe the first year as completed at the end of 12 months after 1 BC? Because then the second century could begin at 100 AD as opposed to 101 AD and the second millennium begin in 1000 AD as opposed to 1001 AD or whatever the case may be. We had that debate. America may have began as a partial representative, constitutional republic. It might be more democratic now. He showed a video. I listened. They moved over to watch. Boxes. Grey. Shades. Variations. Stereotypes. Government grows. 1930's. Programs. Welfare. It didn't stop. Jobs. Robots. McDonald's. Trailer. Park. Music. Dishes. Green card. Airplane. August. Laws. Taxes. Abortions. Murder. Doctors. Money. Crony Capitalism. Democratic Republic. Voting. Left. Right. Rhinos. Donkeys. Life. Autism. College. Vocation. Vacation. Anarchy does not have to be temporary or bad. They make us think it is bad. There might be bad versions and good versions of anarchy. Friday. Alright. # America 09:16 PM - [Hillbillies vs Bible Belters]( - Are hillbillies within the Bible Belt, I wonder? My question is about the definition to both terms. In other words, can a hillbilly be a Bible Belter and vice versa? I guess the answer is maybe because Bible Belt has something to do with religion and hillbilly is a description that may describe hicks, farmers, laid back folks... # Laid Back People in the Bible Belt are laid back, right? Are hillbillies laid back? If they are, they may both have some things in common. But at the same time, I can see that they are also different as well. I think I get that. # Red Necks vs Hillbillies Are red necks and hillbillies the same? I'm guessing that a red neck might be a Super Hillbilly, right? # Virginia Is Virginia included in the Bible Belt? I think not. I was living around there and I might have asked people about that. I just forget specifically what they said. I think Virginia is a little north of the Bible Belt, right? I would not mind being a red neck myself. I grew up in a small logging town of about 20,000 people in Oregon, born in 1985. I was born in a suburban area that was an hour from Portland but I also grew up around forest and farms. So, I feel like I'm partly a countryside folk. # Life Coaches 09:18 PM - [Looks awesome. I love Life Coaches. They are game changers. Upvoted. Resteemed.]( # Fighting Big Tech 09:31 PM - [That is very true. That is happening.]( The problem is that are violating the 4th and 1st amendment, for example, as they function as platforms and as publishers but without liability. Government must discontinue black contracts with big tech in order to disassemble liability protection. # Fighting Trojan Horses 09:36 PM - [ICE is not police. They're more like military.]( You have to be aggressive with invaders. It's the real Trojan Horse. I will fight until my last breath for America. Each day, we can fight to close the borders. We can fight to stop geoengineering and all sorts of things. Either we fight or we might as well join The New World Order (NWO). # Man Made Tornadoes 09:40 PM - [How many tornadoes are man-made through weather machines?]( # Should We Sell Weapons Abroad? 09:48 PM - [Can we protest? How do we get government to only sell weapons to the better countries?]( I mean, countries that are not Islamic, suppressive, tyrannical, big, authoritarian, etc? Do we need more laws or amendments that could help with this? # Free Market Better yet, I want government to stop selling weapons to other countries, all together. I would let the free market sell weapons. I don't want to restrict the free market. When I say free market, I'm not talking about monopolism, technocracy, plutocracy, globalism, globalization, crony capitalism, fascism, etc. I don't like those things either. # Heart of Humanity 09:51 PM - [That is the heart of local communities that roots through families, the heart of humanity, for thousands of years.]( # Burried History 10:05 PM - [I love history. So, I believe in looking at hidden history.]( The Roman Catholic Church and Islamic Countries have been burning books, a lot of history, artifacts, and a lot of things, all around the world, for many centuries or maybe even longer than that. So, some religions have been a threat to humanity in a variety of ways. I'm listening to the Red Ice TV interview with Flowers right now. I'm going to be thinking about that. Thanks for all of this. Upvoted. Resteemed. # Double Standards 10:08 PM - [The good news is that we are raising awareness to these double standards, the irony. The future rests in our hands. We have to share stuff like to people each day. Time is running out. Education can encourage us to stop these problems from growing. We can reverse.]( # Norma Lear [Born in 1922. He is still alive in 2019, as of right now, he is 96 years old. He was behind All In The Family.]( # All In The Family Parody 10:17 PM - [Jamie Fox - George Jefferson - All In The Family -Messes Up - Live In Front Of A Studio Audience]( - Jamie Foxx broke the 4th wall with style. He messed up on a line, turned to the camera, and said it's live. You make think your TV just broke. Hey, it was all we could afford. Walls are not bad. Baby, what's love? DOn't hurt me, Will Ferrell. [Norma Lear is so young. He is only 96 years old as of 2019. He was born in 1922. Looks better than Billy Graham, what the Hell is going on here.](
# Computer Problems 11:59 PM - I restarted my computer around this time. I use Ubuntu Mate 16.04 as my operating system (OS). I found out [online]( that I need to clear the cache and maybe other things too whenever there is too much of it on my laptop, that is if I'm running out of hard drive space, that is memory, not to be confused with RAM. So, I typed in the command sudo apt-get clean. That is new for me. Normally, I do autoclean, autoremove, update, upgrade, and dist-upgrade. SO, this is a sixth command I made do like daily or weekly. [5 ways to clean up space on your computer.](
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# Mark Dice [Tim Cook's Advice to Graduates](
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