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# [Censored For Dumb Questions.]( Bear Shares - [What do you think about the separation between church and state?]( Have alternatives to the bad habits. Focus on the new habits and accept the feelings you have for the bad habits. You can always feel like you want to do the bad habits. We want to wait until our urge to do bad habits go away. Just accept it and choose not to give into the temptation. It's not easy but it does not have to be as hard as you make it out to be. I should write more about this. I could start a series on this. There is so much to it. I'm not saying it is too easy. But I am saying it is not too hard to change.
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Some highlights from Sunday the 19th of May of 2019, as follows: # Watching 12:27 AM - 02:03 AM - Watching - Rio 2011 - Female characters were awesome and the male characters were all made to be girly. Good music. Funny love story. Begins in Brazil. They catch animals including an exotic bird. Somehow, the bird got lost and a girl raised that male bird for like fifteen years. A man comes and takes them from Minnesota or wherever and back to Brazil in order to get the male bird to mate with the last female bird of their kind. But he should have brought the female bird to them. The scary bird ran into a power-line which then caused a blackout while they were watching soccer. All the lights in the city went out. But in real-life, that would probably not happen. They turn men into gay creatures. Eventually at the end, the male bird learned how to fly and became a hero. They had 3 kids. The human girl must have got together with the weird girly scientist man. They kind of forced that relationship to work. George Lopez kept on saying that the American bird was funny because nothing he said makes sense. It actually did make sense, but just not to them. I understood it. # Islam 08:29 AM - Bear Shares - [What do you think about the separation between church and state?]( # Capitalism vs Socialism Debate 08:54 Am - [Free Market has always existed since the dawn of time, for thousands of years. Therefore, you could say that monopoly cam from it as it has always been around.]( However, monopoly can be a result of a combination of things. We don't live in a vacuum. # Black Markets Monopoly can spawn partly from black contracts between companies and government. Moreover, it can come from segregation and prohibition caused by tyranny government. # Competition Monopoly is a lack of competition. The more you try to compete with a monopoly, the more you may minimize that monopoly. It's important to understand the origins of different monopolies. People don't know enough history to understand this. # Steem = Free Market Steemit has supply and demand. You provide a supply, AKA a post or comment. I can reward you with my demand, my upvote. # Taxes I hate taxes. I don't want to talk about taxes. I don't want to pay my government to do things that I should do myself. True, numbers are abstract. I love cryptocurrencies as it fights against Soros. # Blacked Out 08:59 AM - [@ZarkMuckerberg, if that was so inconsequential, then why did you black out that person's name?]( You did not answer the question. So, that means, maybe, that it is not inconsequential. 01:57 PM - @ZarkMuckerberg, why is there BLACK in your post? Did you see the picture you shared? Did you make that picture or did you not make that picture? If you did not make that picture above, then my question is not to you but to whoever made that picture. [Zark Muckerberg on Facebook.]( # Sunday School 09:30 AM - 10:30 AM - We finished up with the last chapter of that Church in Babylon book & DVD. We talked a bit about history and guilt. Should we feel not guilty for things we did not do? That is a good question. Some might say no. Guilt does not have to be bad, just like fear. There may be more to it than just that. Again, like I like to say, it's along story. We can get lost in history and in prophesy. We can dig deep into the past and the future. To some extent, that helps if we are not too obsessed and stuck in the past or the future. We need to be present in the present to some extent or as much as possible. We are in the mist of revival. It might be the last revival. I'm thinking of writing more about this. It can happen. We may be in the last century before Christ returns. If you don't want to believe in Christ, so be it. Many people believe in that. Regardless of your religion, or lack thereof, you should still be mindful of what the future might hold. We should debate these things sometimes. We may not always want to debate too excessively about what might happen, but we may want to think about it once in a blue moon. Give it a thought and then move on if you want, even if you are not religious. Beyond that and regardless of religion, please remember that this is not simply about alleged religion. There are so many reasons why we should learn from the past and make plans for the future while living in the present. There can be balanced found in that trinity of time. Yes, it is like a trinity of time between the past, present, and the future. The turtle said that today is a gift and that is why it is called a present, I mean, the present, in Kung Fu Panda 3. We talked about responsibility in the face of guilt and other things. Dan pointed out the responsibility thing. Spiderman Quote. Do what you can each day in the present. Turtle Time. Kung Fu Panda. Each day. Each moment. Balance. Focus. Perspective. Oatmeal. The future depends on each individual. Are we a failure for not fixing the world, saving every person, turning the earth, the planet, all of humanity, into a utopia? No. That's love. That's freewill. Giving people choices. Educate people. Share the gospel. Share whatever you believe with others. Let them choose. Let each person make choices in how they want to live. We make good and bad choices. Success can be found in sharing as sharing caring said the Pooh Bear. You can only do what you can do. Focus on that.Acts 12:24. Some can blame depravity on tech. We see our selfishness on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, as a symptom but not as a cause. Next week, we have a new book and DVD series: Ray Vander Laan: The Early Church: Becoming the Light in the Darkness. # Snacks I ate too many snacks. Didn't have enough breakfast before that. Just grapes and a tangerine. Had some coffee. Then had tea. Felt tired after like 6 hours of sleep after watching the cartoon 2011 Rio film. Didn't eat ice-cream Saturday at all. Buttercup ok. But I feel that I had a bit of a withdrawal. This is my diet note. Overcoming bad eating habits can happen. But plan ahead of time to gradually change. Believing you can is step two. But first, you have to want to. But you can only want to change if you believe that it is a problem that matters. If it is not bad. If it is not a problem, then there is nothing you can do. You are powerless. Believe in the problem. Talk about it. Be transparent. Discipleship. Accountability. Write it down. Believe you can. Get help to an extent, when you need it, a step at a time. Gradually. But believe you can too when you are ready. Have alternatives to the bad habits. Focus on the new habits and accept the feelings you have for the bad habits. You can always feel like you want to do the bad habits. We want to wait until our urge to do bad habits go away. Just accept it and choose not to give into the temptation. It's not easy but it does not have to be as hard as you make it out to be. I should write more about this. I could start a series on this. There is so much to it. I'm not saying it is too easy. But I am saying it is not too hard to change. You have to continue to change or make different choices. Tell yourself you will do what you believe in doing and not just what you feel like doing.If you drink coffee with too much sugar, then make a plan to not drink coffee with any sugar tomorrow. Just one time. Don't think you have to do it forever. Just promise yourself to do that. Commit to it. Write it down on a whiteboard. Get other people to remind you. Believe in that choice. Be curious about what might happen. Be willing to accept failure after trying out black coffee. Tell yourself that you might not like it and that you may go right back to sugar. But procrastinate on the sugar for example. That was just an example. You fill in the blank. Give it a try. Then at the end, you can choose to go back to your bad habits or to maybe try the new thing one more time. And each day, and each moment, you can tell yourself that you will do a certain thing just one time. Just one time. Afterwards, you can review it and make a new promise to do it again or to go back or to try a new thing next time. Each time you do something, evaluate and make a new promise to do for the next time. # Sermon 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM - Nate talked about what might be good and bad, good or bad. He showed us pictures. He asked us if those things were good or bad. Disneyland. Tacos. Hitler. Mother Teresa. He talked about how we can focus on the good over the bad. That is true. That is good advice as we all get lost on and upon negativity. Bad things can turn into good things, Romans 8:28. Focus. Choices. Perspective. That's key. That's what it comes down to. Artificial scented candles can be a problem. [The Afters]( Taste how the Lord is good. Jolly Rancher. Root. Ruff. Lee. Hook Person. Robin Williams. Standing. Glasses. Smart. Mario. Jerk. Broken homes. Candace Owens. Video. Girl. Value of marriage. Families first. Commitment. Spirituality in sex between husband and wife. Of course, some may say. But many are being taught the opposite which destroys families. We talked about abortion yesterday. It goes back to that Answers In Genesis Foundation of authority, or objectivity, morality, of what is right and wrong and better of what is good and bad. Evangelism. Discipleship. We are all door greeters or should be. The main speaking session by keynote speakers in seminars can be more like sermons and Sunday Schools don't have to be like that and can and should be more small group discussion focused. Every good thing, every heart beat, you are the reason for song, by The Afters. I like glasses. Didn't recognize you with the glasses. I like that movie, Con-Air. From the 1990's. Phone. Outside. Book. Reminds me of Dan Anderson from 1999-2003 apx. Just hte first name I mean. Outline. Faith Lessons are great. Food brought home. Onions. Some put in the big garage. Teeth. Baby teeth question. Cavities. Fillings. Vietnam. Fragmentation. Video Games. Feeling accomplished via beating levels. Growing up at nine, when I was nine even. I remember. Sad that adults forget what it was like to be kids, children. I'm 34 years old and I try hard not to forget my childhood lest I become Robin Williams, I mean Peter Pan in Hook back in like 1991 back when I was six years old. # History 11:30 PM - Sardis fell in 550 BC and in 200 BC as the border, the wall, was attacked at the weakest link, the weakest chain or point. This pattern repeats in history, globally, historically, many times in different ways. Learn from history lest you make similar mistakes, errors. # Health 01:00 PM - What is canola oil and where does it come from? Does it come from poisonous plants, oils, foods? # Banging Asian Women 01:52 PM - ["How Do I Stop Banging Asian Women?" Freedomain Call In]( # Banning Oatmeal 02:05 PM - Infocomms - Texas Patriot - [Actually in this case, there is a high probability this is a Joey bot.]( People said that cyberpunkspike is a bot. They also accused other people of being bots or being me or being other people or from different people. But how would you know either way and aren't there more important things to get on top of? Leviticus keeps on saying that they are scaring away shit posters. That is a debate we can have. There is a lot that can be said in this debate. Ghost of Griff replied: ":robot::robot::rofl:." Then somebody wrote a message backwards and the other person translated it. # Cable TV 02:16 PM - [Nitro TV]( # TWITTER CENSORED 02:18 PM - [I’m not allowed to share Twitter on here?]( I asked Zuck on the Infocomms why he blacked out a name from a screenshot from Twitter. it is public. If he made it and he blacked out part of it, I wonder what the reason would be as it is already public. It is not private stuff. So, what is the point? On the Infocomms, my comment was flagged and hidden. So, I asked why. That was my next question. They don't like my question. My question is bad. Right? That is what it appears to be, that my question is bad or that all questions are bad. I disagree but some people feel or believe that some questions are dumb questions that should be silenced. Why are you flagging my questions about Twitter and about public information that is already public and not private? Why are my questions bad? That means you do believe in censorship as you believe that you must censor me as I'm bad for asking questions. I'm the bad person because I'm asking dumb questions that are not dumb questions, right? # Banning Oatmeal Article 02:41 PM - [Censored For Dumb Questions]( # Dangers of Copyrights 03:19 PM - [That's the art of the deal in negotiating to keep them in the dark to ask the questions to them as opposed to them asking you, AKA being on the offensive, not the defensive, I agree with this, like you said.]() # Enforcing Copyrights I have so many questions. First in regards to patents, copyrights. I have been thinking about these things since the early 2000's. I've been writing about these things for years. My first question would be about the extent to what might be copyrighted and patented and protected and everything. # React For example, the YouTube React Channel went to copyright or patent or protect that one word, "REACT," as that is the name of their channel. Pew Die Pie talked about this. It makes you wonder whether they would go after people who may use that one word, REACT, in the title of a YouTube video or in other places. That is one example. Then I would bring up how they are banning memes in Europe. The Hitler Dog Man went to jail. I know, these things might be a bit off-topic. I get that. # Enforcing Copyrights Specifically, I would ask about how copyrights would be enforced, as in to what extent. Beyond that, it may depend on the government. If the government became too big, too tyrannical, then copyright enforcement could become a problem. # Disney I've read that Walt Disney stole art from his partner. Disney went on to copyright it. Assuming that is true, then this would be evidence of how copyrights can steal things from the real creators. I really want to shrink government. But if government has to run around excessively enforcing copyrights, then governments has a higher probability of becoming a tyranny, an authoritarian 1984 state. I'm against copyrights because it's very dangerous. I'm not against the hypothetical theory of how copyrights can protect us and save us in a perfect utopia world. But in the real world, things are not always that black and white and there are so many variables and everything. # YouTube Two of my channels were banned off YouTube. So, I lost hundreds of hours of videos. It was actually thousands of videos that dates back to 1996, back to when I was eleven years old. My videos were protected under fair use. A few of my videos had background music as I was teaching English at McDonald's in Vietnam for 5 years, 2012-2017. I didn't realize there was music in my video until I listened back to it. So, I was punished for a few videos. They should have simply removed those videos. Instead, they removed all of my videos, all in the name of alleged copyright claims. I've also been censored and banned on Twitter and Facebook and other places too over the years, many times. # Copyright War 04:11 PM - [But to what extent? If I quote you, is that ok? But what if you copyrighted that quote?]( If I made a documentary about copyrighted art, then is that fair use or am I not allowed to show art in my movie if it was copyrighted, that is without written consent? I can ask questions all day about the grey areas. Yes, I would favor cryptocurrency systems that can help like you said. I favor ownership rights of physical items. However, can you really own a picture of an item? For example, I own my car. If you take a photograph of my car with your camera, can I legally take that photo from you? Now, maybe if you were on my private land, I could build a case on your trespassing on my land, my property. I'm not even too sure what I would prefer the judge to do in a case like that. But I would compare digital data to physical photographs. In some ways, data is like a picture. Specifically, it is true, if you want to be technical, that data is physical in that it is electricity that can be stored on a computer, a hard drive, a server. So, a picture can be saved on a file on my computer. That file may be on Facebook servers. Wait, scratch that. Facebook is a bad example maybe. But you get my point that a file can be saved all over the place. Search engines may be saving those files in the cache, the RAM, all over. If your computer has a copyrighted file in temporary storage, like in the RAM, cache, in the HDD, or wherever, is that a violation of copyright? I would argue that all of the Internet is like a public square, a town square, because it's a big mess. There is so much Internet traffic of data packages being exchanged back and forth. There is also the violation of the fourth amendment. Facebook continues to collect data from people who delete their Facebook and from people who are not even on Facebook via Face Recognition Software which is also used in China for stopping people from travel if the government does not like them. Again, I know the Facebook topic is a big topic. But I'm just trying to say that privacy is already being violated by Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, etc. So many things are happening. So many things that we are not aware of yet. # Coincidence If I come up with the same idea that you do at the same time and we both go to copyright that idea independently, who gets the copyright? If you copyright and I don't, should I go to jail or can I plead that I didn't know that it was copyrighted? Can slogans and mottos be copyrighted? I like to say "With Oatmeal in my Bowl, is Jesus in your Soul?" I've been writing and saying that since 2004 but I didn't copyright it. So, if somebody goes to copyright it in 2019, that is fifteen years later, will I have to pay a fine for using something that was copyrighted until fifteen years into the future? I can seriously ask these types of questions all day. # Cryptocurrencies But I agree with what you said about cryptocurrencies in helping with some of this or all of these types of things. I am against taxes. I would rather the government have fundraisers to raise support. # I'm Stupid 04:53 PM - Facebook - [Don William said I'm stupid? Because Facebook banned a girl.]( You can ask [Don William]( all about why he might be racist against black African American Candace Owens whom Facebook banned or other people that big tech bans or tries to ban. # Dishes 07:00 PM - After a nap. Did you know that U.S. paid farms to do nothing but not when other farms are drowning in floods? DId you know that like half of our food was destroyed due to floods and fires and everything which were man-caused? # Banning Oatmeal 10:51 PM - Yeah. Maybe Leviticus is flagging comments. On top of that, some of them have accused different people of being other people and of being bots. The flagging thing is almost like an attempt to turn a platform into a publisher. But I'm not saying that the Infocomms is a platform like Facebook. But I still want to loosely make some kind of reference to it, regardless. I'm ok with the flagging. But I have talked about it because I just want to raise awareness to what is happening because I think people should know what is happening. # Bitcoin 11:25 PM - [I quote people on Steemit. Some people have written that they are going after me for quoting them. Money is involved, AKA Steem Money. I don't have much money for a good lawyer that could defend me. I believe in what I do but I could still lose in future court cases, battles.]( Nobody really owns Bitcoin. Instead, we have keys that give us access to pieces of that Bitcoin pie based off how much we have. And yet, we don't really have Bitcoin in a literal sense. But I like how Bitcoin works and I hope we can all stop U.S. government from trying to stop and regulate Bitcoin excessively or at all even. # Watching 10:20 PM - 01:47 AM - Watching - GOT S08E06 - but at least he pet the dog
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