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# November 2014 Review. [You Can't Watch This . com.]( [Try Tails.]( In Game of Thrones, they turn good people into bad people to brain wash us to fight good people on the assumption they are now bad.
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Some highlights from Monday the 13th of May of 2019, as follows: # Game of Thrones 10:54 PM - 12:38 AM - Watching - GOT 805 - Book Danny vs Show Danny. In the books, the queen of dragons was always evil. On television, on HBO, for 8 seasons, her arch was grey and leaning more white, more good, not black, not evil. Suddenly, they turned her back to the book version of her character. SOme would argue that they hinted at her turning evil again on the show. Everybody has that possibility, in real life, but some people choose not to. If you choose not to turn evil for 8 seasons, then that is great character development and you are less likely to reverse that. This show might be trying to brain wash people into thinking that good people are bad people in order to get more people to hate and turn on Trump, Alex Jones, your country, family, friends, patriots, etc. # Is Facebook helping drive Bitcoin? 10:20 AM - [Weku]( - I replied: "Do you trust a centralized system, like Facebook, to become the same as decentralized systems like Bitcoin? Yes, Facebook and others are trying to jump on that bandwagon and create their own alleged cryptocurrencies in order to take advantage of it all." # Passport 11:48 AM - Long ago, back in 2004, I moved to New York for college, right after high school. Oh, what's the easiest way to get a passport? [Search:]( [Mason County Clerk: 411 N 4th St: Shelton, WA98584.]( [Where is that? In the old courthouse building, in the second floor, according to Facebook.]( People get their passport pictures at Walmart, Fred Meyers, and even at the clerk's office. I got my passport and and passport pictures at the post office in Hillsboro, Oregon, USA. # Bill Nye 12:01 PM - [Twitter]( - Bill Nye says the world is on fire. This is the Adult Swim version. It's funny but also true that geoengineering is messing up the world. Other things as well. So, how about we go after technocracy, tyranny, globalists, Big Pharma, and others? # Aristotle Jesus 12:19 PM - [Infocomms]( - I replied: "@Troy might be implying that Jesus is no more a savior than Aristotle is his best friend. Wait, so, Troy must be jealous of Aristotle, right? Did Troy just reference Aristotle just to insult Aristotle and philosophy and Stefan Molyneux and Socrates and Plato and western civilization and America in general?" # Ubuntu vs Apple vs Microsoft 12:32 PM - [Infocomms]( - I replied: "@Memeart, are you saying that Ubuntu can't make people safer online? You know about News Guard? You know how Microsoft, Apple, Google Android, and other operating systems, are or will be trying to report on everything people do on their computers, phones, devices, in live-time, to correct things, and that includes the politically correct SJW Microsoft Word? So, they are to stop people from saying bad words or from going to Info Wars and many different things in live-time. If they are not already doing it, they are working on it. Spying. Changing. Editing. Blocking. Deleting. Warning. Banning. Reporting. Flagging. Slowing down. Modifying. Studying. Etc. [Try Tails.]( Are you saying that Ubuntu and Linux and others are doing that too?" # Banning Real Voting 2020 12:36 PM - [Infocomms]( - I commented: "Can a state legally give you only one choice and ban write-ins? Doesn't that make a vote irrelevant if opposition, an alternative choice, is legally prohibited? Doesn't it defy all sense of any logic?" # Europe 12:39 PM - [Steemit]( - I replied: "How much is that kitty in the window, Babe? Just kidding, I saw that shirt that says Babe on it and I thought it was your name, lol, just kidding haha. Nice pics. I love travel. I'm Joey Oatmeal. Upvoted. Resteemed." # Vietnam 12:43 PM - @ramengirl - [Vietnamese BBQ?!?!]( - I replied: "Looks yummy. CAM ON (thank you). I've had some of that when I was living in Vietnam for 5 years to 2017. I liked the Hanoi beer. I was in Hanoi and it was artistic, more so than Saigon. I spent most of my time in Saigon (TP.HCM). But Hanoi has many museums and that famous sword lake or turtle lake." # Farming 12:47 PM - [Steemit]( - I replied: "Farmers are very important in the world. But some people try to stop the farmers. That is not good. I love farmers. But some people say that farming is bad. More people should do farming and gardening. I love birds too." # Breaking Old News For New People 12:52 PM - [Steemit]( - I replied: "His job might be to break it to new people. Not everybody can break news ten years early like Alex Jones does. People like Alex and Cernovich and Wiki Leaks Project Veritas break things, tomorrow news today. Other people might play a role in breaking the news to people who were recently red-pilled and are slowly transitioning into the deeper side of the pool." # Yard Work 01:00 PM - Weed eating the yard, 2 batteries. # Archive Has No More Fake News Archived 01:56 PM - [Archive]( - [Infocomms]( - [No More Fake News]( - I replied: "You can find Jon Rappoport's blog on Archive thanks to the Way Back Internet Archive Machine. So, if you don't know, has billions of saved screenshots or saved web pages. So, Archive does not have everything but it has some things saved there. So, if you need to find something that was removed off the Internet, you might find it on Archive or on websites and programs like that. That is why I have my blog on Steemit, Weku, Bear Shares, Serey, and Smoke. I try to avoid places like Wordpress and GoDaddy because of things like this." It is sad that Wordpress terminated his blog after ten years and out of nowhere. # Viruses 02:03 PM - [Infocomms]( - I replied: "Why do Microsoft users get more viruses than Linux users?" Washed the dishes. Got the mail & a bag of nuts or trail mix. 02:41 PM: Why am I not getting viruses? What am I doing to not get viruses? Do you think I'm being safe? How do you know if somebody is being safe on the Internet or not? Why would anybody not do safe browsing on the Internet? Las time I checked, I don't think I do safe browsing as all. So, shouldn't that mean that I have a million bugs? Where are my computer viruses? @GreggHuestis67, there are so many different operating systems, like dozens and dozens. Beyond that, there are different versions and different user interfaces (UI) as well, etc, etc. I use Ubuntu Mate 16.04. That's my favorite right now. I've used others in the past. You can use a program called Wine for running Window programs on Ubuntu or on other operating systems as well. How-to install Wine on Ubuntu.]( Wine is not the only program that could help you run Window programs on other operating systems. There are other programs but Wine is my favorite. You can also find alternative programs that may run on Linux. For example, instead of using Microsoft Word, I have LibreOffice Writer.Viruses: Most viruses are made for Windows. This means that Windows is less safe when connected to the Internet because of just that vulnerability alone. Operating systems like Ubuntu are updating itself weekly, bimonthly, monthly, and sometimes biannually (in some cases) with the help of many people around the world and it updates and fixes glitches and other problems more often than big tech related operating systems (OS) and programs do. # You Can't Watch This . com 02:47 PM - [You Can't Watch This . com]( # Printer 04:05 PM - Began setting up a new HP printer. But I need power before putting the ink cartridge in. The ink is like a video tape. You need power in order to eject and take the old video or ink out and put in a new one. Not going to say it is impossible without power but I just wanted to compare the ink to HVS tapes inside VCRS or DVDs or audio cassette tapes or whatever. Steven Crowder talked about, last Thursday, about how outdated video taping, the term, is, as young people can be like huh, you mean selfy lol. # Football 09:21 PM - Reflecting on my day. Samaritan Skit. Fun. Horse. Beat him up. No. Love your enemies. Football. Opened the room. New. Welcome. Got it this time. Key. Weed eating earlier. Announcements. Best part of the week was a second ago when I thought about Spongebob. Funny. Got a laugh. Worse time was the second before that when I thought about when I was sixteen years old. I slammed on the brakes of Bill Bailey's uncle's bicycle and I flew over the handle bar after going over dirt hills at that park near their house in Cornelius around 2001 or something like that. I began with my worse thing of the week first generally. Announcements. Burrito. Corn. Want some corn with your corn? Nice day outside. What kind of classes did you take in high school? All kinds. Mostly art. Cooking. Drama. Woods. Welding. Graphic design. Web design. PE. You did construction. Great. But welding could be better for some people. # Do you want to live in San Francisco? 09:44 AM - [Facebook]( - [Nguyễn Thành Trung:]( "Yes. I really want to come there.i want to come America." I replied: "have you seen that place recently? i could tell you some stories you would not believe lol.... [Soren Kirchner,]( [Romelus Saladar,]( unbelievable stories.... i cannot tell you these crazy stories that would make you maybe poop your pants if you ever heard me crack up these stories that you do not want to know about.... believe me, you do not want me to tell you these scary stories." # Nov of 2014 2019-05-12 - Sunday - 07:58 PM PST - 2019-05-14 - Tuesday - 12:57 AM - [November of 2014]( # Millennial Millie [AOC & Bernie Sanders Attend Climate Cult Meeting](
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# Monday the 13th of May of 2019 [Published in May of 2019]( [by Oatmeal]( [Joey Arnold (@joeyarnoldvn) in Shelton, WA, USA]( - [Biography]( - [Contact Me]( [ - Taught English in Vietnam]( - [Live Bookmark - Get My RSS Feed]( - [My Newsfeed]( - [Forbidden News]( - [Infowars Activism Forum]( # Karla Zubson [ALEX JONES FULL SHOW 5-13-19](
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# Trailer [@GreggHuestis67: Preview of #YouCantWatchThis](
# [Timeline Outline]( [2019-02-01 - Friday - 10:24 AM LMS - Reviewing the Month of January of 2019]( [2019-02-15 - Friday - 05:41 PM LMS - Gotham 506]( [2019-02-17 - Sunday - 10:08 PM LMS - Can America Learn From Athens?]( [2019-02-18 - Monday - 12:31 PM LMS - The Walking Dead 909]( [2019-02-18 - Monday - 06:07 PM LMS - Snow Day 1992]( [2019-02-20 - Wednesday - 09:36 AM LMS - Draft Dodging vs Loving War Debate]( [2019-02-27 - Wednesday - 11:38 PM LMS - Joe Rogan Alex Jones Experience 1255]( [2019-05-11 - Saturday - 12:00 AM - Saturday the 11th of May of 2019]( [2019-05-11 - Saturday - 11:26 AM - October of 2014]( [2019-05-12 - Sunday - 12:00 AM - Sunday the 12th of May of 2019]( [2019-05-12 - Sunday - 11:55 AM - Is The Rapture Fake News?]( [2019-05-12 - Sunday - 07:58 PM - November of 2014]( [2019-05-13 - Monday - 12:00 AM - Monday the 13th of May of 2019]( Published at 2019-05-14 - Tuesday - 10:03 AM
# Pardes Seleh [Pardes Live #28 Tommy Robinson's trial is tomorrow. Here's what we know so far.](
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