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# 5G destroys our DNA. Diversity without common goals is divisive. I'm watching Ben Shapiro talk about this with Dave Rubin. [Trump said we are more than full on Twitter.]( Way more than full. [Frankie Baby Video.](
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# Rambo Shirley Temple 10:57 AM - the headline [photo]( of Sunday's post should have read this, "RAMBO SHIRLEY TEMPLE." Or perhaps, "Shirley Tempo." [Angela Pepion]( said her heart is telling ehr to talk to me. She was answering my Facebook button. Over 80% of my Facebook friends, out of 17 votes, are not from America according to my poll currently. I do like what Dave Rubin is saying to Dave Rubin right now. [Olya Sadykova]( has great hair and glasses. # Fiber Optics Over 5G 12:19 PM - did you know that 5G is destroying our 5G? This means that it is altering our children and grand children as DNA is passed on from generation to generation. # Illegals Get Driver Liscenses 12:27 PM - [illegals get 'em in Vermont]( - Isn't a person required to prove their residence first and other certain documents? That's what I had to do in Washington State this year just to get a driver's permit. 02:10 PM - Can you have an RV without having a driver's license? They would probably ask you where you get your mail at. Is it possible for a person to have no PO Box or a family member where they may get some mail from? They would probably probe for that. If you were an illegal, some people may look the other way as a lousy excuse for compassion even while trying to probe LEGAL CITIZEN'S personal lives with a microscope. They may even try to find out where the RV came from, who drove it, which places it may have been parked, etc. # Twitter 12:32 PM - [Mónika Joséphine Nagy]( blocked me after asking in a PM about who I was and I wasn't on to respond because I have a life haha but I must have followed her as she is a good mother. I follow a lot of people and motherhood is under attack by leftists who are telling us to let the Muslims have all the babies while we let 5G murder our ability to have kids in the future which creates so many other problems at the same time. # Male Periods 12:37 PM - [RIP Supreme Gentleman @plastiqslav]( shared an article about men getting periods. She wrote: "So edgy." I replied: "Oh boy, or girl, when am I getting my period? Cannot wait." # More than Full 12:42 PM - [Trump Tweeted This]( - We are way more than full. Trump wrote: "More apprehensions (captures) at the Southern Border than in many years. Border Patrol amazing! Country is FULL! System has been broken for many years. Democrats in Congress must agree to fix loopholes - No Open Borders (Crimes & Drugs). Will Close Southern Border If necessary..." About 8 years ago, Obama legalized propaganda against the American people. I'm not sure what a Dragoon is. Is that a Dragon Baboon Goon? I love dragons. I love Game of Thrones. I'm a Stalking Dragoon just like Alex Jones is Brian Skeletor. # Facebook Polls 2019-04-07 - Sunday - 03:41 PM PST LMS - [Do you speak English?](¬if_t=visual_poll_vote_feedback) 2019-04-07 - Sunday - 05:45 PM - [Can fiber optics go faster than 5G?](¬if_t=visual_poll_vote_feedback) 2019-04-07 - Sunday - 08:37 PM - [Where are you from?](¬if_t=visual_poll_vote_feedback) 2019-04-08 - Monday - 01:35 PM - [Should I work at a camp?](¬if_t=visual_poll_vote_feedback) # Polar Opposite Disaster 02:21 PM - [Scientists report]( polar opposite things relating to evolution, young earth creation, the big bang, etc, etc. Therefore, by the logic of @ZarkMuckerberg, we could conclude that we are fake just as much as space is fake if we all can come up with different opinions, facts, responses, answers, comments, etc, on our origins, where we are from, the age of the earth, etc. # Four Hours Free/Weekly 02:25 PM - [I have 24 hours of free time each day.]( Wow, I would die with only less than an hour per day, four hours per week. # Burning Man 02:38 PM - [Should we stop Burning Man?]( - Two Problems. # 1. Police State is a problem. 2. Burning Man is dangerous. I would rather have Burning Man than 1930's Style German Government in America telling us what we can and cannot do. I believe in freedom which means the freedom to do bad, to kill, to steal, to rape, and hate speech and terrorism and calls to acts of violence and all the seven deadly sins and everything. When police step in to stop pre-crime, then that becomes 1984. Now, however, police should go after criminals. So, police should go after traffickers, murderers, robbers, individually. So, if they just so happen to find these bad guys at Burning Man, then go get them and lock them up and try them in a court of law. But please don't 1984 America with internal borders even as we are destroying our external national borders. There are too many illegal searches that police force onto the general public at houses, airports, highways, schools, etc. All of that should be on the external walls and less on the inside internal walls. We should be allowed to do bad. And then after we do bad, then police should throw us in jail. Because that is called the consequences for our actions, good or bad. But we should be allowed to do good and bad. # # Freedom For the Good & the Bad 1. Don't stop Burning Man. 2. Don't stop prayer in schools, etc. Simple. Freedom for the good people and the bad people as we are all good and bad sometimes, haha, right? @AOC, I support going after criminals but how is the question. I would rather go after individual criminals, one at a time or on a case by case basis as opposed to just trying to segregate possible criminals. Of course, criminals go there. But we should NOT create additional prohibitions and other things just to pretend to go after criminals while not really going after criminals. It's like making murder illegal which is silly as it is already illegal. It's like banning guns in Chicago which they already did. @AOC, yes, we should go after robbers, people who steal money and people and other things. But do we really want to ruin it for the rest of us? If a person steals from a store, then do we go after the store or the person? Burning Man is a symptom of a lot of problems but it's not the source of the darkness in our original oatmeal hearts. Another problem is the [Children Protection Services (CPS)]( who almost stole away me and my siblings away from our parents in Oregon in the 1980's. It's possible for CPS to take the kids away from the biological parents while saying falsely that the parents were negligent, etc, etc, as it is their fault that the parents allowed the bad guys to steal them away to Burning Man in the first place. I say falsely as that may not be true but CPS has torn families apart. So, that's another issue that Americans run into. Oh, [negligent]( is hard to say but I think I can say it now. Which brings up another problem which is kind of related, the corrosion of traditional family values which created divorces, etc, and Stefan Molyneux talks a lot about these things and yeah I agree that we should always try to raise awareness of the laws we already have that should be enforced more, generally speaking as laws can help and has helped in some cases or maybe even in many cases. CPS is almost as bad as the IRS. Planned Parenthood helps accelerate abortions. That's one of the biggest problems out there if not the biggest as you can't have freedom if you were never born in the first place. But is Planned Parenthood and CPS that closely connected? Abortions are funded through the tax payers via help from the IRS who helps collect the money to then pay for these inhumane services. # Powerful Lies 04:10 PM - [Powerful Lies]( - YouTube Channel. # Flat Earth 05:20 PM - [It is possible that those quotes were taken out of context]( and it is also possible that some of them misspoke, lied, and/or were sincerely saying what they thought was true. It is possible that all of these things can be at least partly true depending where you are specifically in space as the details can determine different outcomes as it is not that simple of a yes or no. It depends on many many factors. # Lacks Context 08:09 PM - @ZarkMuckerberg, what does your video prove? So, allegedly, perhaps, different people say different things. So, could they all be wrong and/or right? Does this irony mean the earth is flat or that the stars are fake or what? Are you saying that NASA may lie about things and which things? I don't know what the video proves. I don't see anything in the video because it lacks context. 50 50 on being outgoing and shy. I like camp, big cities, to be around people but only when not busy with other projects and I must commit myself first to trying to impact the lives around me first. # Goliath Who is your Goliath? That's what we talked about. We had a base. Hide and seek talking tag. Hide. Then run to the base. Best and worst points in my week includes shaving my beard as it goes nah nah nah and hurts but then I get a smooth baby face. Itchy. bit of a headache. Good Mermaid Frog Trump Obama AOC meme I made at the end of the day. Alone but it good. Hello neighbor. Doing good. Me too.
# The Dave Rubin Report [Ben Shapiro: The Right Side of History](
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# Mischief With Griff - Mind Bender [Kamala For 2020?](
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# Frankie Baby [LIFE AFTER IUD update | pt.2 dont get iud birth control paragard copper side effects contraceptives](
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