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I ran around a track. I bought & ate a lemon. I was living in my first apartment room in Portland (PDX), Oregon (OR), USA. I moved into that apartment early in October of 2008. On that Monday morning, the 23rd of March of 2009, I walked over to the closest high school which I think my younger sister attended, Lincoln High School. My first apartment, room 414, was at 523 SW Alder Housing. I saw Elizabeth Warren who was working at Whole Foods, down the road from my room. I would sometimes read books at the main bookstore, Powell's Books. I would also buy coffee and use their WIFI with my laptop. I visited Lincoln Hawk in Long Beach, California (CA), in March and/or April of 2009 for about a week and I returned to Portland like a week or so before Lincoln's birthday. We made a few videos like Spaceman & Diaper Boy, Lady In Red, & the big baby in the crib horror video. # Health Advice 2009-03-23 - Monday - 02:08 PM PST - [Blogspot]( [Biography of My Life]( [1985]( - [1986]( - [1987]( - [1988]( - [1989]( - [1990]( - [1991]( - [1992]( - [1993]( - [1994]( - [1995]( - [1996]( - [1997]( - [1998]( - [1999]( - [2000's]( - [2002]( - [2003]( - [2004]( [ - 2005]( - [2007]( - [2008]( - [2009]( - [2010]( - [2011]( - [2012]( - [2013]( - [2014]( - [2015]( - [2016]( - [2017]( - [2018]( - [2019](
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## Monday, March 23, 2009 ### [System0000map]( I did the most amazing thing, this breezing morning, I jogged Lincoln's field, several blocks from me, bought a lemon as Liz was ordering for her own lunch break, at Whole Foods, I ate my whole lemon near a man selling Street Roots, and at that point, already ten in the morning, I glazed over to Powell's Books. Anthony Robbins preached lifestyle diet, as I will call it, warning against excess fruit, sugar, acid, calling for a balance of 7.36, is that PH, I heard this on his CD that is burned to my laptop, last night, but mom disagreed, as I called her, as I was scanning the books at Powell's, disagreeing to the reasoning, to the details, since it is better to follow the laws of nature which includes fruit, unless if it is the isolation of it, if it neglects the rest, the balance. Eat more in the morning than in the night, as oppose to the Sumo-wrestler diet, but don't eat too much right when you awake. Drink more in the morning than in the night, but separate your drink from your meal. Add lemon or pineapple to your weekly slice of non-red meat to help digestion. Read recipes and consider why certain herbs or fruits are added to dinner meals, meats, salads, and such. I confided to mom four elements to our biological makeup: light, water, air, food; we later figured supplement to those four (body systems): nervous, circulatory, respiratory, digestive; which I later added (ayurveda): vata, kapha, pitta; also, see Chinese herbalism: metal for lungs, earth for stomach, wood for liver, fire for heart, water for kidney. Posted by [ Joey Arnold ]( at [2:08 PM]( [ No comments: ]( [Home]( Subscribe to: [Posts (Atom)](
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