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I'm @jatin-hota, A Crypto & Sports Enthusiast, A Logical Thinker & A Helpful guy From India.



### Namaste, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Jatin, I'm 25, and I love Sports & Crypto. I have always been interested in art and cultures of different places. My perspective of seeing the world is quite different from others. I see things as they are. ---------- ![]( ---------- You know, I’m happy to become a part of this amazing community, which is snowballing day by day. I am a 69 REP user in steemit; I never used any bot for vote buy, cause for me buying a vote is not adding value. I am very active in Scorum, Whaleshares and VIT community. So I consider me as an excellent writer, If you want any content to be written ping me, I will be delighted to make a deal which is for mutual benefit. Something more about me that a lot of people don't know, except some of my best friends, is that………..I'm a huge animal lover. I've been the same from my childhood days. These beautiful creatures please me a lot. I even cry secretly when I see them being hurt, though I never tell it to anyone. ### Thank you for reading my post. Follow me and Be prepared for a new beginning.
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