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Raising Serati ducks is quite promising because the meat can be harvested and sold at the market for a very expensive price


Good evening everyone, how are you, I hope you are always in good health and well for all of us today. I am so happy because the BBM I look after has been entertaining and the price is very expensive now, very harmonious ducks, especially male ones. I really enjoy keeping a TB 100 like this. This BBM is classified as a very large one which I took from one of the places to keep it at this time and today it is starting to get big and can be slaughtered and the meat is very tender and the taste is very good. it's really delicious and the price on the market is very expensive without queens like this.

In the future, I plan to cultivate these Serati ducks for my family's needs and if there are any more, that's the strategy and in this area there are lots of people or chicken breeders who raise Serati ducks like this. This is really very extraordinary in this area and At this time it is rare for people to keep ducks with a strategy like this, especially now that many ducks are affected by disease, so it is very difficult for us to keep them, however, I am still trying, who knows, maybe I will be lucky and successful.

I only have a few Serati ducks, namely female and male and most of them are males because the males are very expensive, the females only have a few, this is for the age of cultivation so that in the future I will keep more. Thank you, this is all from me. Hopefully this review of keeping Serati ducks will be useful for all of us.

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