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Every object contained in heaven and earth certainly has advantages and disadvantages that are common to every creature in this world. Is it found in animals or plants found around us. Well ... Today I want to convey to friends who are here to share tips on the benefits of Red Roses for skin health. Not only for women but men can do it too. Red roses besides beautiful and fragrant turned out to have benefits for facial beauty such as removing pimples, removing dull skin due to sun exposure and other minor irritations. ![IMG_20190209_110410.jpg]( Since ancient times, beauty experts have adopted and performed Red Roses to make skin beauty drugs. The way they process it is not difficult, just by doing natural techniques and we can do that technique today in our own home. The following tips. **A. Material needed** **1. Take fresh red roses that grow around you or your roses are already planted, while the size you take is around 150 grams** **2. Prepare clean water or sterile water and better water in lakes or wells around your residence, the size of the water you prepare is 475 ml.** ![IMG_20190209_110514.jpg]( **B. Manufacturing procedure** Basically it is very easy to process these roses as the drug mentioned above, either with modern techniques or other ordinary natural techniques. The things you need to do are: **1. Rose that has been picked, pull it out gradually until it looks like the paper is cut into small pieces, this is intended to quickly dissolve in the water.** **2. Insert the rose pieces into the pan (boiled appliance) that already contains water prepared for the size mentioned** ![IMG_20190209_110444.jpg]( **3. Rose that has been mixed with water, then heat it on the stove over low heat for 20 minutes and the fire should not be too large but arranged on low heat, until 20 minutes later lifted from the stove, meaning that the cooking is finished. And during the cooking process, close the lid tightly** **4. The last thing you do is, lift the mixture that has been cooked, then strain it as desired, then place it in a clean place or container, or put it in the jar. Then ready for processing roses and ready for use. You can use it at night or clean your face with rose water that has been made at any time.** ![IMG_20190209_110514.jpg]( Well ... Those are some tips on how to process red roses into facial cleansing herbs for both men and women. How are friends? Mudah kan... How to process it. Roses in addition to skin beauty can also be used for other health.But nowadays people have mixed it into tea drinks. But I will convey this to the opportunity that will come. Thus a brief explanation of Rose Flowers may be useful. Thank you very much.
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