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Morning light



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Every object in the sky and on earth certainly has benefits for humans, among the many objects that are in the sky, one of which is the sun. The sun is a celestial body that always emits light so that light is needed for every creature. However, there is morning sun which is very useful for humans, it does not mean that other rays are useless but also needed. Morning sunshine is one thing you should not miss, because morning sunshine not only creates a beautiful atmosphere in the morning, but it is also very important for health, this sunshine is one source of life for our planet. There are so many benefits of sunlight, photosynthesis in plants also requires sunlight, besides that sunlight is needed for activities that are often carried out by all creatures on this earth and all who live desperately need sunlight.
Many opinions of experts say that the morning sun contains vitamin D. Therefore, be grateful because we can enjoy vitamin D, which does not need to spend money or you get for free in the morning. In addition to sunlight, it is also useful for killing micro-bacteria contained in the human body, therefore many health experts recommend making a house facing the sun out in the morning quite exposed to sunlight at that time.
Morning sun can reduce cholesterol in the body. If vitamin D is present in the body, cholesterol in the blood is converted to vitamin D, the brain and body then give cholesterol signals in the blood to get out of the blood to the skin. From this process cholesterol levels in the blood can be controlled properly by exposure to the morning sun absorbed by the body at that time.
So besides being good for treating cholesterol in the blood, morning sunlight can also be able to repair bones. Exposure to morning sun when exposed to the human body can increase vitamin D in the body because exposure to sunlight can increase the absorption of calcium in your body. This condition is a solution for bone formation and repair and prevents diseases such as rickets and osteomalacia or late bone fragility. And of course there are many other benefits that can benefit human health. However, if exposed to sunlight not in the morning it will have an impact on dehydration for the body. Thus a brief explanation of the morning light emitted by the sun. Thank you very much.
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