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In general, we can understand that. Butterflies are animals that undergo many processes, because experts say that butterflies are the first animals to grow out of their life cycle that occur behind them which then experience various phases of life in the form of caterpillars, then turn into cocoons, eventually becoming butterflies beautiful, this insect loves its life by utilizing conditions in its own environment. ![IMG_20190131_075432.jpg]( when the cocoon turns into a butterfly then it flies and it looks very beautiful, usually likes to consume starch which can be found in plants with flowers and fruit around their environment. ![IMG_20190131_075327.jpg]( We need to know that there are so many advantages to the existence of butterflies around our environment, the benefits of butterflies are very helpful for the growth of flowers around us, in the sense that the presence of butterflies in flower plants can facilitate flower growth so the flowers will always bloom, and there are still many other benefits to the presence of butterflies around us. ![IMG_20190131_075128.jpg]( There are so many benefits that can be found from the presence of butterflies. The presence of butterflies can help facilitate the pollination process on flowers and plants that have the end result of an invasion that will continue to exist and preserve the operating species of plants, so that the chosen flowers will be occupied so that the flowers that will bloom will grow healthy and beautiful. ![IMG_20190131_075232.jpg]( If the butterfly perches on a flower, the effect of its perch can help the flower to transfer pollen, can put the pistil and occur in the process of optimal and perfect pollination by itself, in the sense that the flower blooms because the process is occupied by butterflies. Thus a brief explanation of the characteristics of butterflies that are often seen around us. Hopefully it is useful to add to your scientific insight. Thank you very much.
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