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Greetings from me @ira. Sereyan... this time We will discuss one of the many flowers, namely paper flowers.Paper flowers in English are also called Bungenville, and these flowers also have other names depending on the region and condition of the country, but although there are many names pinned on this flower, it is the same form. ![IMG_20190125_084710.jpg]( Bungenville or paper flowers are included in the Nyctaginaceae group, whose flowers are basically from the United States. This flower is classified into ornamental plants, while the special features have a small tree shape and are difficult to grow upright as in photographs. Some people say that, Spatha or flower blossoms in this flower plant has a size that is large enough to grow to shrink all parts of the compound flower before it blooms. Spatha is thin and has a characteristic like paper, the colors of the flowers vary there are white, pink, yellow, and others. This flower stem has sharp spines with a pointed shape facing where the flower is facing, but the thorns found in this flower are harmless or can make people harm. Because he is very fragile. Here's the picture: ![IMG_20190125_084636.jpg]( *** ![IMG_20190125_084554.jpg]( *** ![IMG_20190125_084510.jpg]( *** ![IMG_20190125_084424.jpg]( *** ![IMG_20190125_084327.jpg]( *** Bungenville or Flowers This paper has a variety of colors as mentioned above.Then the name also varies depending on the region where it comes from, but what is contained in my post is just ordinary paper flowers that are red.This flower grows and I keep it in front of my house.This flower is very beautiful and I always like it.Thus a brief explanation of this Paper Flower.Hopefully, although very few descriptions that I have written are useful for those of you who read my post.And finally I say thousands of thanks.
*** *** **Titel**|**flower photography** ------------ | ------------- **Camera**|**MI Note 4 (no edit)** **Taken By**|**@ira** **Location**|**kampung jeruk, jakarta** **Themes**|**Bungenville**
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