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The evils of anger.


Hello guys,how r u all friends?I wish all my friends are well.I am also well. Today I sear some inspiration talk about - The evils of anger .


While cleaning the new car, my six-year-old son was writing something on the car with something metal.  It is a very hobby car so I hit the boy's hand while writing as I could not control my anger.  I did not notice in anger that the one I hit was an iron pipe! 


 My little boy was sleeping in the hospital bed and I was sitting next to him crying.  Four fingers were broken by the iron blow.  It will never be right again.  


My tears fell on her cheeks and she woke up.  He looked at the bandaged hand and told me sorry dad, I will not write on the car anymore.  Will I get my fingers back, Dad?  Back home, I wrecked the whole car.  Then I got tired and sat down.  



My eyes fell on the boy's writing on the car Love u Dad The next morning that unfortunate father committed suicide with great difficulty.  A note lay beside his frozen body.


  It read: Anger and love have no limits.  The choice is yours!  Avoid anger at all times.  Be patient without being restless.  So that the beautiful lives are not all.


Ok friends no more today...pls forgive me anything false with my night everyone.

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