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Every day of our lives is the best.


Hello friends, how are you all, I hope everyone is well and healthy with your prayers and by the infinite mercy of God, I am also well.  


Today I want to share with you some things about real life. Because let me know something about him. An old mason he wanted to retire from his job.  




So he went to his owner and said, 'Boss, I want to retire from building this house and spend time with my wife and children.' His master was a little sad because he was the most skilled and hardworking mason. Still, he said, ‘OK, but will you help us build another house before you leave?’ 


The old mason gladly agreed to the offer. But after starting work, it was found that his mind was not there and he was always distracted by the thought of his retirement.  


He was always thinking of home. So the last thing he did was the worst thing he had ever done before. 


 When he had finished building the house, his owner came to see the house and handed the house key to the old man and said, ‘This is your house from now on, this is my gift to you for your long faithfulness.’


 The old man regretted this! He thought to himself, ‘Alas! If only I had known once that I was building my own house, it would have been the best thing I could have done in my life! '  


But we often forget that. And so in all things we try much less than our best, give much less work. If we can realize this truth today, we may be able to do our best.


  That is friends till today. I pray you all stay well and stay healthy. Good night

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