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Create your own identity.


Hello friends, how are you all? I hope everyone is well and healthy. With your blessings and God's infinite mercy, I am also well. Today I will share with you some important things to change your life. Hope you all like it. Enjoy all my shows.

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You know your name, your father's name, your mother's name, village name, police station, district name. It is not your identity.


This is your address or many say mailing address in English. So what is your identity? Your identity, your name, your appearance, your style can be. Above all your work. Your talent that will make you unique. Such as: Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Ziaur Rahman. There is nothing more to be said for his identity. Hero Shalman Shah, Riaz, Shakib Khan, hero Raj Razzak, heroine Moushumi, cricketer Shakib Al Hasan. Journalists Golam Sarwar, Shah Rukh Khan, Dr. Muhammad Yunus, Malala Yousafzai, Professor Abdullah Abu Sayeed, Lalon Shah, Shah Abdul Karim. If such a person says the name of the class, there is no need to say anything else for their identity.

Their presence inspires people, motivates them, raises hopes, dreams of a new life, people love them from their hearts, they want to crowd, the crowd gathers.

Work has made them great. They have made themselves unique through work. Created his own identity. They can be recognized in the crowd.

The best is waiting for them. People want to be like them. Wants to be by their side. Wants to get their company.


This is their identity. You also create your identity. Find out what qualities you have that you can develop to create your identity. Keep working until your lofty goal falls to the ground.

That is friends till today. And if there is any mistake in my writing, everyone will look at it with forgiveness. Everyone use a mask and keep yourself free from corona. God bless you.

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