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herman2141 [blog wordpress]( Start with our custom domain names & cool templates in minutes! Friendly, Fast Support. Mobile Ready. [Personal Website or Blog]( [Create Your Website]( [Create Your Blog]( [WordPress for Business]( [Blog 1✓]( [Blog 2✓]( ![10.png]( [Following]( onion's lead, this is a thread that displays our interests outside of crypto. Some funded by crypto profits, some not. Post away! I'll start: In December of last year, I cashed out my initial crypto investment from 2013 (BTC holdings only ;), and put a down-payment on this 3 unit apartment building: I did all the repairs/remodeling myself bathroom pic: and it returns about 19k cash flow per year. Feels great to be diversified with passive income in my back pocket. I also love the blue collar/hands-on approach which is intrinsically rewarding. AMA… Success always! អរគុណ​ចំពោះ @chhay86 @wondercury @timeloker @jokerswild @serey @technology @blockchain   ដើម្បីគាំទ្រ @business @community --- ###### *Thanks by @herman2141-post*   [![Steem]( ![Golos]( ![WLS]( ![Serey]( ![Weku]( ![Smoke]( ![VIZ](](
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