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Watch Who Your Friends Are Around You!


# ***HELLO DEARLS FREIND!*** Motivation is a process that explains the intensity, direction, and perseverance of an individual to achieve his goals. The three main elements in this definition include intensity, direction, and perseverance. ... There are those who interpret motivation as an excuse, and some interpret motivation as spirit. ![image]( ***WHO are our friends?*** Do they bring peace, happiness, and bring us closer to God? Or just the opposite, they become a source of anxiety, sadness, neglect and keep us away from Allah Subhanahu ***Wata'ala and akhirat?*** Let's briefly reflect on ourselves, as well as those around us, while God still gives opportunity. Because, life is only once. There is no second chance. ***As Muslims, we have been taught how to judge our friends. A simple and practical criterion is available.*** One time, the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam once asked the Companions, "Will you tell me who are the best people among you?" They answered, "Want, O Messenger of Allah." look (by you), then remind God. "He then said again," Will you tell me who are the worst people among you? Namely, people who are scattered about slander, who like to damage loyalty among people who love each other, and who try to cause damage and sin in the midst of clean people (their lives). " hasan li ghairihi). ![image]( So, according to him, the characteristic of a good person is that if we see them, we will remember Allah. How many people like this are around us; whose personality and actions soothe the heart and increase faith, add gratitude and soothe the soul? How many people have made us reluctant to play close to us, make us more careful, and encourage worship? Or, just the opposite, even more people are increasingly distancing us from God, adding to the madness of the world, undermining the soul and polluting the heart, arousing lust and stunting taqwa? And, if these criteria are applied to ourselves, which group do we actually belong to? So, it is very good for us to always be introspective. Because, the human heart is actually very weak and easily changed. Therefore, the heart is called al-qalbu in Arabic, meaning to go back and forth. And, that is the picture of the real human heart. Try the simplest thing. Open a newspaper today, and read it. Maybe, initially you are frustrated by the behavior of corruptors; after that pity to witness the victims of natural disasters; then amazed by the science-technology news; then made astonished by the issues of the celebrity world; and then treated to various sports reviews. In one sitting, how many times has our heart changed? What if a day? Therefore, we need to pay close attention to what kind of influence will enter our hearts. Ahmad bin Harb said, "There is nothing useful for a servant's heart besides associating with righteous people and watching their charity. On the contrary, there is nothing harmful to a servant's heart besides associating with fasiq people (immoral experts) and seeing their charity. " It also means that we can decide from the moment in this world who will become our friends in the hereafter. With God's permission, we will definitely be with them there. For example, if in the world we are always with people who do not care about prayer, life is full of futility, and do not know halal-haram, while we ourselves do not do amar ma'ruf nahi munkar and even dissolve, then what can expected on the Day of Judgment later? Clearly, the influence of friends cannot be ignored. Ibn Abi Dunia narrated in the book Al-Ikhwan, that Washil maula Abu ‘Uyainah said: I was with Muhammad bin Wasi 'at Marw. Then, ‘Atha 'bin Abu Muslim al-Khurasani came to him with his son, s Uthman. 'Atha' then said to Muhammad, "What is the most important charity in this world?" He replied, "Accompany friends and chat with you, if they are friends with each other over virtue and piety." He continued, "At that time , God will bring sweetness between them, so that they connect and connect to each other. There is no good in accompanying friends and conversing with you if they are slaves from their respective bellies, because if they are like this one another will block each other from the hereafter. " ![image]( In other words, all friendships, marriages, organizations, political parties, as well as the life of the nation and state, will only give birth to happiness if each person in it is bound by the values ​​of virtue and piety. Conversely, if they are only bound by "the interests of the stomach", then the results will be worse. Everyone will easily lurk and tackle each other for their personal benefit. Let alone help each other, even mutual care. There are only opportunistic souls. Of course, everyone will feel threatened and uneasy, so essential happiness is difficult to obtain. Therefore, the Prophet taught us to put forward the criteria of "religious observance" in choosing a partner (husband / wife). The logic behind it is quite clear, because religious obedience is a plant seed of virtue, piety, and noble character; which in turn will produce happiness. If a marriage does not care about this aspect, then it is only a tedious and imprisoning "contract". Soon they will be bored, and even more grateful if they can get divorced as soon as possible. Subhan Allah! ![image]( So, pay attention to who are the people around us. Because, our happiness - both in the world and the hereafter - is also determined by them. *Wallahu a'lam. *
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