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This Investment Gives You a Winning Profit, Want?


![Saham-gorengan-Blog-min.webp]( Retail Sukuk is the latest type of investment offered by the Ministry of Finance. As reported by the Ministry of Finance @website, the latest retail sukuk or Sukuk Tabungan (ST) 002 will be offered from November 1 to November 22, 2018. Just to note, for you who are familiar with this sharia investment, retail sukuk is state securities that are adjusted to sharia principles. Unlike the Retail Government Bonds (ORI), retail sukuk replace interest or usury with the concept of reward. The purpose of retail sukuk issuance is the same as the issuance of state bonds, namely opening opportunities to citizens to take part in national development. In short, you help fund the development of the country while investing. Interesting right? Because retail sukuk is a form of investment, you certainly get a @profit or return. Moreover, investing in retail sukuk is guaranteed safe. Because, just like ORI, the state guarantees this investment. So, don't worry about failing to pay! If you don't hesitate to invest in retail sukuk ST-002, here are some things that are the reasons why you won't lose investing in this one investment option: # Rewards of 8.30 percent per year is greater than ORI ![Sukuk-ritel-700x441.webp]( Compared to ORI 015, investing in retail sukuk is clearly more profitable. Because, you receive an annual profit of 8.30 percent. Different if you invest in ORI 015, the profit or coupon you receive is only 8.25 percent per year. Ease again, the 8.30 percent reward can increase floating alias by following the BI 7 Days Reverse Repo Rate reference interest. These changes are made every three months. If the reference interest goes down, the retail sukuk compensation will also decrease. But, with a minimum limit of 8.30 percent. Although the decline in benchmark interest is quite large, the 8.30 percent limit remains valid. # Can accept returns before maturity ![Sukuk-ritel1-700x401.webp]( If ORI can be traded on the secondary @market, the same story you will find when investing in retail sukuk ST-002. These Islamic investment instruments cannot be traded at all on the secondary market. Instead, you get an Early Redemption facility. The existence of these facilities allows you to receive investment principal which is paid in part before maturity. Even so, enjoy this facility, there are conditions. At a minimum, the funds you invest are IDR 2 million. You also can only submit a maximum return of 50 percent of total ownership. In the retail sukuk, the early redemption period takes place from 28 October 2019 - 5 November 2019. # The funds invested start from Rp. 1 million ![Sukuk-ritel2-700x401.webp]( Minimum order is as large as ORI. You can invest in this type of retail sukuk with capital starting at Rp. 1 million. While the maximum amount for ordering ST-002 is around Rp 3 billion. With such a large amount, investing in retail sukuk is now more affordable than it used to be to provide large amounts of capital. # Rewards are received every month ![Sukuk-ritel3-700x408.webp]( Invest in ORI, you can get profit coupons every month. The same thing you can feel by investing in retail sukuk. On the 10th of each month, you receive benefits in the form of investment returns. Provision of these benefits continues until maturity November 10, 2020. # Tenor is shorter than ORI 015 ![Sukuk-ritel-tenor-700x403.webp]( At ORI 015, you invest with a length of time or a tenor of up to three years. By investing in retail sukuk, you can get a shorter tenor than that. This investment offers a time or investment tenor of up to two years. ST-002 Sukuk starts running from 29 November 2018 - 10 November 2020. # Easily accessible online and online ![Sukuk-ritel-mitra-740x400.webp]( In order to make it easier for people to invest, the Ministry of Finance cooperates with 11 partners to distribute this type of @investment. ~~~ You can access it online or online. Next, a list of partners working with the Ministry of Finance: BCA BTN BNI Mandiri Bank BRI Bank Permata Trimegah Investree Modalku Bareksa Tanamduit ~~~ Well, those are some things that you will get by investing in retail sukuk. From the capital collected by the @community, the state will use it to: Building roads and bridges in 30 provinces Building railway lines on Java, Trans Sumatra, Trans Sulawesi, and modernizing the Manggarai Station Construction of water facilities such as dams or irrigation Development and revitalization of the Hajj hostel Construction and rehabilitation of 701 religious affairs offices and Hajj rituals Construction and development of lecture buildings Development and development of madrasas Development of national parks Laboratory development and development. With this investment, you have helped the country, you know! However, just a reminder, the ST-002 offer only lasted 22 days. So, don't miss it! ![1541803548689.jpg]( By @herman2141 invesment
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