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Regarding the basic principles of politics


Do politics and participate with the people
Politics is good for #society

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You can choose one to start a political career through joining a #political party.  You need to remember that when you start joining the party, you have to be active and willing to speak out so that later you will be noticed and your political career will improve.

 You also need to remember that when you join a political party, you must have a strong stance towards the political party that you are currently a part of.  Avoid betraying or intending to destroy the political party, because it will tarnish your political career and create a blacklist in your name.

You can have a career in the world of politics by being active in the media. It cannot be denied that the media is a fairly effective tool for increasing one's fame and prestige. Especially social media, which is developing very quickly, especially in Indonesia. By being active in the media, you will have a fairly high chance of having a career in the world of politics.

 Just imagine when everyone in Indonesia knows who you are through social media, you will have enormous potential to be chosen in elections and so on. Therefore, by being active on social media, your chances of success in the world of politics will be higher and more clear and focused.

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 One way for you to have a career in the world of politics is to always follow organizations in Indonesia, such as for students themselves, for example PMII, PMI, and so on. Meanwhile, non-students can join organizations such as labor organizations and so on. By joining these organizations you will have enough provisions to continue to pursue political activities.

 And you need to note once again that when you have joined these organizations, you must have totality and be active in the organization so that later your existence can be noticed and considered. So you have quite a big opportunity to have a successful career in the #world of politics.

The current development of campus political dynamics tends to lead to a bad stigma, how could the campus, which should be a realm of academic excellence, research and innovation, not be used as a political tool? Academic reasoning is starting to fade due to continuous acculturation, such as through organizations that spread extreme beliefs and the influx of people in quotation marks who have personal interests or ambitions. The campus, as a miniature of Indonesia, currently has problems that tend to be the same as the crisis of losing figures who can be used as reflections for the wider community, extreme beliefs, and even problems in terms of regulations. The most concrete example is the creation of a regulation which actually creates new problems rather than solving problems that already existed before, then the existence of dualism in leadership not only in student organizations is even worse within the campus itself.

 The notion of radicalism which is now entering the campus academic realm also adds new problems, the method could be by openly indoctrinating through cadre formation or even using more modern and humanist methods. The concept of radicalism in the campus world is real and actually grows in small spaces where academic freedom experiences stagnation. According to a survey from the National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT): around 85 percent of the millennial generation are vulnerable to exposure to radicalism. Looking at this data, it doesn't seem strange that radicalism has entered the world of education, especially campuses, because young people have the enthusiasm to explore new things, have high idealism and still have thoughts that tend to be unstable. It is a very appropriate thing that it is the obligation of every campus to teach Citizenship, Religion and Indonesian Language Education courses as a solution to instill a sense of love and prevent extremism from growing and developing within the campus environment.

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