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Have you been prepared for 2019? (Still a Mysterious Year)


![image]( # Greetings ... Freind 2019 is a mysterious year. As heralded is the Year of Politics. Quoted from CNN Indonesia: "Bank Indonesia estimates that Indonesia's economic growth in 2019 will not be much different from this year, which is 5.1 percent, because it is still affected by global economic conditions"  ![image]( # Hold This Mindset Anytime: Whatever happens in life is meaningless, until we give meaning. And we are free to give meaning. But giving is what makes us successful. Challenged not depressed. Whatever happens in this life, God destined for us to learn so that in the future it will be far better than and because of that event. # What are the most profitable jobs and businesses in 2019? #### Software Engineer The development of the internet world where it can reach all of @Indonesia and even the world, namely digital marketing, digital transactions and almost all can be digital. @Software business will be the most profitable business. #### Medical Today, the development of the medical industry can be said to be fast. And if we are dedicated to going into the medical world and helping many @people. So, do it is something that is proud and useful. #### Marketing Expert No doubt everyone is selling. So, from that marketing and sales will be a business that continues to be sought at any time. #### Law One important element of @business is Law #### Engineer Various professionals in the field of engineering (electro, machinery, robotics and others) are still the 'backbone' of the development of the 4.0 industrial revolution One More Thing & Important Thing #### FINANCIAL You will never find this. Because financial ability is a must have for you to manage your finances. Freind Want to study directly with Tung Desem Waringin in Jakarta? You can now list WorkLess seminars EarnMore 2019.  Location: Ballroom Lt. 2 - The Jayakarta SP. west Jakarta Date: Thursday, January 31, 2018 Hours: 08.00 - 17.00 [YOU WILL LEARN MORE STEP-BY-STEP WORKING AND MORE RESULTS.]()
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