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# Make Deg-Degan the Price of Bitcoin Drops Below US $ 10,000 ![image]( >> Bitcoin has not managed to break the psychological price of the next stage above US $ 12,000 / btc. The reason, the price of Bitcoin dropped again even below US $ 10,000 / Btc. > According to Bitfinex, at 20.15 WIB the price of Bitcoin was traded at US $ 9,895 / Btc or had dropped 10.2% in the last 24 hours. Based on Coinbase, Bitcoin is traded at US $ 9,919.12 / Btc, down 10.02%. >> As for CoinMarketCap, the price of Bitcoin has dropped 9.23% in the last 24 hours. Bitcoin is traded at a price of US $ 10,083 / Btc. > The fall in BItcoin prices is also followed by a fall in the prices of other digital currencies (cryptocurrency). Ethereum dropped 8.68% to US $ 814.53 / ETH. Ripple fell 10.8% to US $ 0.951 / XRP. Bitcoin Cash fell 12.22% to US $ 1,216.79 / BCH. # Prices Drop, Mysterious Investors Buy Bitcoin IDR 4.51 T ![image]( >> A mysterious investor has bought Bitcoin of US $ 334 million, equivalent to Rp. 4.51 trillion (assuming US $ 1 = Rp. 13,500). The investor bought 96,650 BTC when the Bitcoin Value fell in recent weeks. > The founding partner of Tetras Capital, a hedge fund company, Alex Sunnarborg, said the investor had chosen to invest in digital currency (cryptocurrency) during the period of falling value and expect the value to rise again. --- ##### "It is not clear who the big buyer is. But many buy this product and continue to multiply since the price rebounded and the clarity of additional regulations from the United States (US) and Asia, "Alex said as quoted from  ![image]( #### The purchase occurred on February 9 and February 12, 2018. The buyer used an account named "3Cbq7aT1tY8kMxWLbitaG7yT6bPbKChq64". When the name of this account was entered into the blockchain, the account statement appeared to have purchased 96,650 Bitcoin. > #### It is unknown who owns this account. But according to Andy Hoffman, the consultant company Bitcoin Cs estimates that the price has risen to US $ 900 million (Rp 12.15 trillion) or almost tripled. >> [Bitcoin Cs was hit by a sell-off]( in the last two days because investors chose to sell it and no one has taken hold of digital currency even though the price can be said to be cheap. > One of the most released digital currencies is Bitcoin. Until 13:30 WIB, Bitcoin was traded in the range of US $ 4,589.84 per coin, equivalent to Rp. 66.99 million. Throughout October the price of Bitcoin was stable in the range of US $ 6,400 per coin. >> In the last 24 hours the price of Bitcoin has dropped 14%. In the past week the price has corrected 27.37%. This is the lowest price of Bitcoin in the past 14 months. Even though November last year Bitcoin set a new record, the price touched a range of US $ 10,000 per coin. --- ![image]( #### Some economists and financial service players have actually predicted the fall in Bitcoin prices. One of them, Bill Harris. [This former CEO of Paypal doubts Bitcoin as a currency and estimates the price will continue to plummet.](Https:// -continuously) --- >> ##### "The cult of Bitcoin as an efficient [currency], beneficial globally, safe, free and instant is a claim. Prices will continue to decrease to much closer to zero. There is no value there," he said as quoted by CNBC International. > Next is the leading economist Nouriel Raubini. The man who was nicknamed Dr. Doom because of his predictions about the 2008 financial crisis also stated [Bitcoin will fall to zero zero value]( bitcoin-will-fall-to-zero). >> Nouriel said the increase in Bitcoin prices was due to manipulation. There is a group of investors who deliberately hoist the price of high Bitcoin. But in the end the investor will leave and the price will drop. # EDITORIAL CHOICE >> If Not Holidays, JCI Must Defeat Today Continuous Sell-Off, Bitcoin Prices Decrease More and More Unfortunately, in a month the value of Bitcoin evaporates Rp. 445 T > Leaving the problem for investors who adhere to the HODL system, the term "hold on for dear life" or those who hold Bitcoin for a long time. >> Then there is the Nobel laureate Robert Shiller describing [the Bitcoin phenomenon, not much different from the Tulip flower phenomenon in the Netherlands in mid 1640]( 100-year-but-worthless.) > So the question is, will it collapse? We are currently paying tulips, and sometimes the price is expensive. (Bitcoin) might really collapse and be forgotten. But I think, (Bitcoin) can still survive here in 100 years, "Shriller said. >> In the 17th century, Tulip flowers became a big phenomenon in the Netherlands because of its skyrocketing price. The soaring price of tulips, finally caused financial markets to plummet in 1637, due to bubbles generated by soaring Tulip prices. --- ![image]( Deals @herman2141
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