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Business Technology to Hack PoverTy?

herman2141 Present at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank meeting on 8-14 October in Bali, Melinda Gates took time to visit the Go-Jek office there on Wednesday (10/18). The founder of Microsoft's wife talked with Go-Jek drivers, Go-Food partners and Go-Life talent to understand the potential of digital technology in improving welfare and building an inclusive economy. This is part of Melinda's job as a co-Choir of the Pathways for Prosperity Commission on Technology and Inclusive Development (Pathways Commission). The Pathways for Prosperity Commission itself was launched in January 2018 by Melinda Gates, co-Chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Indonesian Finance Minister, Sri Mulyani Indrawati; and Strive Masiyiwa, founder and leader of Econet Wireless, an American telecommunications company. The mission of this commission is to develop technology as a solution to hack global poverty. # How can technology be a solution to hacking global poverty? When spreadsheets were introduced in 1980, experts predicted that losses would occur in the Accounting sector. Since then, America has lost 400 thousand accountants. However, there are some predictions, namely the fact that spreadsheets also create new customer service based jobs with 600 thousand workers. Indeed, technology like two blades, can provide ease but is also addictive. In the end, technology cannot be said to be good or bad, depending on how we use it. That is why the Pathways for Prosperity Commission on Technology and Inclusive Development exists and tries to encourage business owners to join hands with the government. This is especially in developing countries to maximize the use of technology to hack poverty in their country. [This important finding]( of this commission, technological innovation can create opportunities not only for people with low economies to be more prosperous but also for poor countries to grow their economy in a new way. To realize people's welfare so far only through two main roads, namely manufacturing and natural resources. In its findings, the Commission identified several new paths in this modern era, one of which was through the use of technology. Melinda visited Go-Jek, a ride-sharing service whose claims succeeded in increasing its partner's average income by 44%. If true, this is also evidence of the use of technology to hack poverty. It also proves that change is happening throughout the world. # What must be done by entrepreneurs and the government? The first step is to ensure that everyone has access to digital technology, for example on the affordability of internet package prices. The reach of cellular phones has reached 3/4 of the world, but internet access is still limited. Like in Guinea Bissau, Africa, people have to pay USD81 for a 500MB data plan. In addition, there are still many community groups that are discriminated against in accessing technological innovations. Based on the Commission's analysis, in developing countries that still adhere to gender norms, almost 40% of women have lower access than men in internet use. The government certainly must intervene to overcome this. Technology may only be a tool, but it has extraordinary power. Technology can be a tool that can open opportunities to create prosperity and equality. --- --- Whatever type of business and product, in the sales chain there must be sellers and producers. Indeed there are producers who also act as sellers, but sellers who sell other people's products are also commonplace. Sellers like this are usually referred to as resellers. If you are already determined to become a reseller, of course you need a supplier alias the party that produces the goods or products you want to sell. But looking for supplierbukan easy things because it can affect the sustainability of the business that you are running. It could even be a business out of business and no return on capital because of irresponsible suppliers. As a seller, you are the first party to deal directly with the buyer. You will face every consumer complaint if there are items that are defective, shipping errors, items that do not fit the order, and others. If that's the case, business credibility can be a bet right? Meticulous selection of suppliers is also a step to maintain business continuity. Especially if you find suppliers from cyberspace without ever meeting. Wow, you must be extra careful first. So, before you choose and set to work with certain suppliers, first consider the tips for choosing the right supplier that is compiled by the following # Examine the supplier's track record carefully The first thing you have to do is to examine the supplier's track record carefully. Look through Google and investigate the correctness of your residential address, website, email address, owner's identity and so on. To find out whether the website is verified or not, you can use the page to check. Next do research carefully whether there are negative reviews about suppliers from consumers. Read as many reviews as possible given by consumers, be aware if there are signs of fraud and irregularities. In addition to checking from the website, you are also investigating this track record through their social media, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on. # Quality of service provided The next tips in choosing suppliers is to find out the quality of services provided. To find out about the quality of these services, you can do this by ordering their products first. Quality of service is determined by the speed of replying to or responding to communications either short messages, e-mails or telephones. reply to messages is very important because it determines the smoothness of the transaction. In addition to the speed of replying to messages, service quality can also be determined by how honest and informative the supplier is in providing information about product conditions, product suitability, availability of goods, and delivery receipt reports. Good communication is the key to being a good seller and participating in building your good name in the eyes of consumers. So, check carefully whether your supplier is communicative, informative and honest. # Speed ​​of delivery of goods In addition to speed in replying to messages, you also have to consider the speed of the supplier in sending goods. It is undeniable that most consumers in Indonesia like sellers who are agile in carrying out packaging and shipping goods. Sellers who quickly ship items usually get positive reviews and are liked by customers. Because it is important for you to find an agile supplier in carrying out packaging and shipping of goods. # There is an unconditional guarantee Ask as clearly as possible if there is a return policy if there is a damaged or inappropriate item. Ensure that suppliers provide guarantees for defective products, are not according to order, and are willing to replace the defective product without any conditions. If suppliers can provide these guarantees, you can also provide guarantees to consumers so they can grow their trust. [Make sure you are careful and careful about choosing suppliers!]()
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