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herman2141 # It turns out that the Dapps that are built on EOS are more interested than the Ethereum Dapps. EOS More Enthusiasts, Ethereum is one of the oldest and most popular blockchain projects in the blockchain industry. The blockchain project has been very useful for years, because it provides a platform for developers to develop decentralized applications. However, its dominance and relevance in the blockchain space are being threatened, because there are many blockchain projects now that offer more than the blockchain offered by Ethereum. One of Ethere's top competition is EOS. EOS has become very popular for years, because the blockchain project has become a home for developers who develop Dapps. Many Dapps have been developed and distributed on the EOS blockchain, and it seems that the Dapps on EOS get more appeal than Ethereum when it comes to transaction volume, active users, etc. When it comes to adopting various decentralized applications by users, EOS seems to be progressing from Ethereum. Many users have testified that Dapps built on the EOS blockchain offer a better user experience (UX) than those built on the Ethereum blockchain. They also said that transactions on EOS were very fast and they were also free. # EOS Supported by Daily Active Users
According to data from DappRadar, only two applications decentralized on the Ethereum blockchain and five decentralized applications on the EOS blockchain have seen more than 1,000 users over the past twenty-four hours. Among the 10 decentralized applications that cover most users. 20,000 of them belong to EOS while only 7,000 belong to Ethereum. When it comes to transaction volumes, Dapps on the EOS blockchain have seen a volume of 12,000 million EOS coins which is currently around $ 67 million over the past twenty-four hours. In fact, for the past twenty-four hours, Dapps on Ethereum only had a transaction volume of around 71 thousand coins, worth around $ 16 million. EOS has done quite well over the past few months, and this is referred to as "Ethereum killer." If the blockchain project continues with this trend, it might become the most relevant blockchain and used by Dapp developers. --- Many people have tried to take ethereum free mining or mining opportunities to get extra money online. There are currently quite a number of sites that can give you the capacity to mine ethereum for free. In fact they offer some other free facilities such as free mining litecoin and free monero mining. Therefore, many people may ask how to get ethereum for free and can collect as much ETH as possible. But before you know how to mine, you must have an ethereum wallet which is indeed one of the requirements, but usually there are many applications that already have bitcoin wallets in it already have ETH wallets too, like KCASH and IMTOKEN But for those of you who really have big capital, you can make a special mining computer or often also called a mining rig where you can add special tools to improve mining facilities and have the chance to get more and more free ethereum. For some of the sites above there are those who do not charge at all which is great for beginners who have just tried or want to mine ethereum. But I need to remind you again, to mine ethereum we need to have an ether wallet first and for free, we don't know exactly when the program was deleted or they could be scam so as long as they still provide mining facilities for free please follow. Free Cryptocurrency Trading Bots. When I see the coin order on each exchange, it's clear that everything is manipulated by bots. When I placed a sell order, the bot placed 20 BTC and sold one satoshi above me. It was a sad and gloomy exchange trading story; if you want to make some trades fast to play a swing, the bot will eat you alive. So I looked around and found Youtube channels, Steem threads and reddit posts all shilling bots. The price starts from $ 20 to $ 400, and with the constant "referral code for a 0.0001%" code, I immediately alert. I saw Github and tried to find an alternative open source. I don't really know any coding, so I won't be able to change any scripts I find or my own model code. So my only choice is to find the "crypto trading bot" that is available and make it work. Setting up a bot is not too difficult. I really have to spin around in the VPS, clone the github repository and install some python libraries. Get the API key from the exchange that I use, Binance, and I add to the bot. Basic instructions are detailed on the installation page, so anyone can do it. --- # 10 Android Applications that Cryptocurrency Players Must Have
An Android application that must be owned by cryptocurrency players, when opening this page what are you thinking about? We think this application really needs to be considered because it has become a basic need for crypto lovers. Many cool people do it to facilitate transactions. Whether you have been using bitcoin for a long time or have just started, you might find something interesting in the list of 10 Android apps that cryptocurrency players must have that we will share in this article. # Blockfolio
Checking the incoming crypto portfolio almost everyone does it, [Blockfolio]( is perfect for you to use. But with this application you have to enter your cryptocurrency ownership manually. With Blockfolio allows you to organize and do several other activities. The settings are very easy, if you feel that to refresh your portfolio every 30 seconds is much more difficult then this application is perfect for you. # Bitcoin Checker
It is suitable for bitcoin users, [Bitcoin Checker]( is a small and neat widget that can be resized and used to display cryptocurrency from any exchange. Whether you want to check the opportunity for arbitration by monitoring bitcoin on several exchanges or tracking the price of your altcoin on the exchange which is unclear, Bitcoin Checker is perfect for you. # Coin Tracking
For those who like to trade cryptocurrency very seriously, [Coin Tracking]( is amazing. This creates a good information chart from your portfolio and allows you to calculate these metrics as realization and unrealized profits and reports for tax declarations. You pay taxes, right? Of course you do. You must subscribe to benefit from all of the Coin Tracking features. This service comes with good iOS and Android applications. # Lawnmower
[Lawnmower]( doesn't cut your grass, but cuts a lot of noise related to cryptocurrency investments. A clean interface that makes it easy to see historical charts, market data and news, and to invest in large quantities on a weekly or monthly basis is perfect for you to see here. This is available on Android and iOS. # Ztrader If your cryptocurrency currency option does not have a cellular trading application (such as Bittrex or Poloniex), Ztrader allows Android owners to connect via the API and trade. Exchange like Bitfinex, Binance, and Coinbase all have very good mobile applications, but not all platforms have them. #
[]( is an Android and iOS application that allows you to obtain cryptocurrency to answer messages and complete tasks. Getting paid bitcoin because answering emails sounds too good to be true, but it's legal. But there is a warning: to get any consequences, you must be an influence whose policies are sought by the crypto community. # Blockchain
The website can be used as a mobile wallet thanks to its Android application. []( is best known as explorer block chain Bitcoin, but also has a wallet feature where you can send and receive bitcoin. With the Android application, you can access all of this while you are traveling. # Google Authenticator
If you don't use [Google Authenticator]( for iOS and Android to secure your account through 2FA, your coin is very vulnerable to theft by hackers. # [Coinpaper](
Coinpaper is an Android application that converts graphics for bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin into live wallpapers. Track the prices of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin at this time in your Live Wallpaper. Everything from the color scheme to the timeline can be fully adjusted through the application. For those of us who don't trade daily, CoinPaper makes it possible to see only trends. Prices are refreshed every minute through the CryptoCompare API. # [Crypto Ladder](
Crypto Ladder displays real-time cryptocurrency ratings based on market capitalization for Android and iOS. This is stunning, but does not stare for too long or you will become dizzy. Thus posting about an android application that must be owned by @cryptocurrency players, do you still have an application that we can mention in this post? never hesitate to share it with us. --- Thanks to the Roadmap, Blockchain Ethereum Classic Is Ready to Attract New Investors in 2019 Blockchain Ethereum Classic, In recent months, Ethereum Classic (ETC) has become more visible in the public spotlight. More people now know about it than before, and this has been reflected in the price. Although the price of the ETC has been hit, just like all other crypto, this is definitely one of the best players in 2018. As more people learn about ETC and its core strength, its value in the market will surely continue to grow. Entering 2019, ETC's growth will continue to be supported by its Roadmap. 2019 Ethereum Classic (ETC) Roadmap is quite interesting for a number of reasons.
One aspect to the Ethereum classic Roadmap to 2019 requires increased scalability through Sharding. In accordance with the roadmap, implementing Sharding can see Ethereum Classic (ETC) reaching up to 1000 transactions per second. This is a big problem and will play a big role in the Ethereum Classic blockchain in developing Dapps. But people might argue that so many platforms claim to have achieved this achievement, right? Well, the main difference between them and Ethereum Classic (ETC) is that Ethereum Classic has other powerful properties including decentralization and true eternity. When this power is combined with high TPS, it becomes clear that ETC has the upper hand in the Dapps market towards the future. This will play an important role in retaining the value of the ETC in 2019 and beyond. Another interesting side for the 2019 ETC roadmap is IoT and cellular. The idea behind this is to allow blockchain ETC users in low capacity environments to interact with the ETC blockchain in a very safe environment. The rationale is to allow easy accessibility and interaction through browser extensions, smartphones, and others This roadmap aspect not only makes ETC more accessible but also supports IoT. IoT is projected to be one of the fastest growing industries in the coming decade. Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence and robotics, machine-to-machine communication will be a big problem in the coming decades. As such, it is very big for ETC to make its way into a market that can be worth more than $ 10 trillion in the next decade. Another interesting aspect of the ETC @roadmap in 2019 is the increase in cryptography in EVM. This will make the ETC blockchain safer and attract more Dapps developers to the ETC. Because the number of Dapps on ETC increases, the value of this blockchain will also increase. When combined with the interoperability aspect of this @blockchain which also comes in 2019, it becomes clear that next year has good prospects for blockchain ETC. By @herman2141
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