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Motivation # Avoid the attitude of criticizing children


![image]( **IN the wise phrase mentioned, actually many do reproach against children will cause regret. Excessive reprimand and reproach will result in the child becoming more bold in committing acts of evil and disgraceful things.** ***Rasulullah Shalallaahu ‘Alahi Wasallam is the person who most avoided this. He did not do a lot of rebuke to children and did not much criticize any attitude taken by children. It is not always the Prophet Shalallaahu ‘Alahi Wasallam taking this attitude, including in instilling feelings of shame and fostering the virtue of introspection and thoroughness that are closely related to noble character.*** *All the touches of education that are so high from the Messenger of Allah Salihahu ‘Alahi Wasallampah have been experienced by Anas r.a who once served the Messenger of Allah, as revealed through the following hadith:* ***"I have served the Messenger of Allah Salihahu ahu Alahi Wasallam for 10 years. For God's sake, he never issued rebuke words to me, never asked: 'Why are you doing?' And also never said: ‘Why don't you do it?’ "(Bukhari, Muslim)*** # ***In another history mentioned:*** **"He never ordered something to me, then I suspended its implementation or wasted it, then he condemned me. If one of the temple experts complained, he actually defended me: ‘Leave him, if it is destined to happen, it will certainly happen. '” (Ahmad)** - In this regard, perhaps someone would say, "If we are gentle and tolerant, children will certainly be more courageous in committing violations and we cannot direct or guide them again." For this reason, the authors say, "Why not do insolence, both Anas, Ibn 'Abbas, Zaid Ibn Harithah, and his son Usamah Ibn Zaid, the children of Ja'far, the children of his uncle, Al-'Abbas, and other children, whose education was handled by the Prophet Shalallaahu' Alahi Wasallam so that they become leaders and clerics giving instructions? **People who do not like the methods of education carried out by the Prophet Salihahu 'Alahi Wasallam or see that there are better methods besides the method of the Prophet Salihahu' Alahi Wasallam, or that there is an effort to improve or modify the method of the Prophet Salihu 'Alahi Wasallam, certainly a child like Ibn' Abbas would not be an Ibn 'Abbas if he was educated by him, but would be the worst of his temperament. Likewise there will be a failure in educating Usamah or Anas.** >>In providing education, Prophet Shalallaahu ‘Alahi Wasallam has also interacted with a number of strange-looking young men. Prophet Shalallaahu ‘Alahi Wasallam once interacted with a young man who came to him asking permission to commit adultery, so he treated him gently and in a wise manner so as to be able to replace the young man's steps towards the path of salvation and repentance. ***He once interacted with young people who like to make trouble, namely those who like to throw palm trees belonging to other people to take their ripe fruit. Similarly, he once interacted with the Nasrani youth who at the last moment of the age of the young man he called on him to convert to Islam. Finally, the young man wanted to convert to Islam after asking permission from his Christian parents through his eyes.*** **Prophet Shalallaahu ‘Alahi Wasallam once interacted with a number of people who like to make mistakes, disobedience, and like to drink khamr, but in the end they come out conscious and return to the right path. This is stated based on their own confession that they have never seen a mu'allim (instructor) who is softer and better than his teaching. Each of them was treated by the Prophet Shalallaahu ‘Alahi Wasallam with a gentle and wise attitude, so the results were truly 100% very positive.** *But it is true, the difference is that we are too quick to make decisions and very rushed to achieve results, without wanting to be patient and patient, even though the Prophet Salihahu 'Alahi Wasallam often advised us to be patient, as he was patient in educating his three daughters with painstaking and treat them well.*
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