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Some of the best tips to improve yourself.


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  1. Get up in the morning and pray first thing in the morning for a while without thinking about anything. Even if it's five minutes, it's too much.

2. Do not use mobile phone within two hours of waking up. No way.

3. Never let the sun get ahead of you. You wake yourself up before the sun comes up

4. Never drink tea on an empty stomach

5. Walk or jog outside for 30 minutes.

6. Help the family with chores during the holidays

7. One day in the morning suddenly go out with the family in a pleasant environment nearby. In the morning, eat breakfast together outside. You will get a different feeling.

8. Must read at least 10 pages of a book in the morning

9. If you have a garden at home, make sure to water it in the morning. If you can pet birds or pigeons and feed them in the morning, you will be very happy

10. If you want to go to the office, reach before the specified time. Feel peace of mind.

11. Whenever you wear any clothing, it should not become a subject of amusement for others. Clothes will be the identity of your personality.

12. If you are in the habit of watching news in the morning then definitely watch nothing but BBC News. Both your time and brain will become more important.

13. Talk to yourself privately for ten to fifteen minutes. Remember your life goals.

14. Avoid eating anything fried in oil. Your inner strength will increase a lot.

15. Make an outline of how you will spend today and stick to that plan throughout the day.

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