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The best techniques to control your temper in any situation.


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1. Think creatively when faced with an adverse or complex situation.

2. Remember not to be aggressive in any way.

3. There is no greater politics and weapon than the politics of words.

4. Trap someone in a systematic and strategic speech; but don't be overbearing and unduly aggressive.

5. Adapt yourself to the situation. Believe in diverse and multidimensional discussions.

6. Occasionally quietly observe the overall reality.

7. Try to understand human psychology first.

8. Try to understand what someone is thinking or saying in those moments.

9. Develop a mindset of tolerance of others' opinions.

10. In no way should the situation be muddied or provoked.

11. To keep yourself in check, speak in a measured and planned manner.

12. Never be provoked by others; think independently and liberally.

13. Enjoy the situation. Be able to have fun in any situation and laugh it off.

14. No way to be serious about anything. Who said, there is no use in putting these things on your face.

15. Don't say anything hastily which may cause controversy. Try to understand the situation first, act accordingly.

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