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Working in Quarantine



Hello to all the community, we are all in quarantine, and in my work as a dentist I can only attend to emergencies associated with pain or trauma, otherwise all consultations are done via telephone or via web.



Today I received a call from a patient who refers to have suffered a trauma that causes pain when chewing, sensitivity to cold, so it is painful to eat and drink cold drinks, and as we are in isolation, we schedule a time to open the clinic and attend only him.


On clinical examination, a fracture of the vestibular cusp of the 15th (upper right first premolar) is observed, leaving the dentin exposed, that is why the sensitivity, due to the pain, infiltrative anesthesia is placed, in order to give retention and relieve the edges of the fracture, since it is necessary to extend so that the material adheres better.


The demineralization is done with 32% phosphoric acid, then the adhesive is placed, the reconstruction is done with photo cured resin color A2 of ivoclare, the occlusion is checked and polished.



The patient is recommended not to eat very hard or toasted food because the resin is not the same as the dental enamel and although the resin is resistant to abrasion, surface tension, wear and chewing shocks, it will never be as resistant as the enamel itself.


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