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Veneer Reconstrution in the anterior secto


Hello to all the community, when a traumatism causes a very extensive fracture, it makes us think that the best way to keep it as long as possible in the mouth is to carve it to make a full veneer.



Many colleagues may differ, but in my practice it has worked, of course the patient must take care for the success and preservation of the restoration.


The vestibular wall of approximately 2 mm was worn to reconstruct everything in block and get more retention, then we demineralized with 32% phosphoric acid, washed, dried and placed the adhesive to condition the tissue and then we placed high aesthetic resin and carved to give the anatomy.



At the end we check the occlusion, we leave it a little shorter so that the lower teeth do not collide with it or displace it.


The patient is warned of the care and it is recommended that if it falls out again, consider the realization of a sirconium crown as a definitive solution.



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