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Tele - Consultation


Hello to all the community, due to the quarantine, going to a face-to-face consultation is a bit complicated and the tele-consultation has become an alternative to make an inter-consultation, offer a second opinion, a possible diagnosis, medications and planning of face-to-face appointments.



This type of teleworking I have been doing to many people, who have read my publications and have been in the need to consult me, symptoms, odontalgia, discomfort, sensitivity.


To perform this work I use the chat, and mails, where they send me voice notes, sent photographs, radiographic studies, where we can obtain data to offer several alternatives and suggestions to solve your problem.


Part of teleconsultation of a patient with odontalgia

The pandemic limits our work, we are one of the most risky activities due to the direct contact with saliva, for that reason we are limited when it comes to see the priorities in each patients


This modality helps us to determine which patients can be considered urgent and which not, the criterion prevails and what we can do from home to avoid contagion helps us to be protected, suggesting diagnoses and treatments.


consultation by chat and voice messages


We continue working, we continue to fight against this virus, each one in his position, we can not put at risk the health of any patient, the care is comprehensive and everything counts, my services are available to anyone who needs this way or another health is not a matter of game.


What can be solved by this way avoids the exit of people to the streets, this virus is real, let's not expose ourselves unless it is necessary, let's take care of our life and that of our family.


These consultations are completely free, ask and consult without any fear.





Original photos of a tele-consultation patient's name is reserved.


Tele Consultation



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