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Incisal Rin Ligthening and Reconstrution


Hello to all the community, achieving a beautiful smile, goes through a process that leads us to take care of all the details, to achieve a successful and harmonious result.



In the case we are going to describe below, we first performed the lightening to define the final color, and then the reconstruction of the incisal edges with resin.


Only one lightening session was performed, since the required volume was achieved, and having the teeth with the right shade and approved by the patient, we are ready to perform with resin the incisal edges, we can see in the images the difference in tone and how aesthetically the edges give continuity to the crown, they are irregularly shaped.


Those small imperfections that are observed along the incisal edge, are alleviated, in this case they are caused by wear due to a habit, the edge is approximately 1 mm thick, it is made with resin following the specific protocol, with demineralization, adhesive system, carving, occlusion check and polishing.


Before and After


The detailed work of Aesthetic Dentistry tells us about the progress in this type of treatments with very successful results.


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