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Dra, Why are the resina polished?


Hello to all the community, the final step of a resin reconstruction is the occlusion check and polishing.


To check the occlusion we use articulating paper, which is a strip of paper impregnated with ink that marks the points where the resin is high on the restoration.


If we do not eliminate these contact points, the patient will feel discomfort in the supporting tissues, the continuity of the bite line is lost, which can cause occlusal trauma, even pain in the TMJ (temporomandibular joint) and even muscular pain in the face.


In the image we can see the placement of the articulating paper and where it marks the high points.


At the end of the wear of the contact points of the restoration, we proceed to polish the filling, for this we use abrasive discs, finishing stones with different thicknesses and mops or cloths to give it shine.


All these implements are used in handpiece at low speed, this is done to eliminate cracks, lumps or any irregularity that has the filling, as a result of the carving, the surface must be smooth to avoid leaks, accumulation of bacteria and pigmentation.


This step is very important because, not only we eliminate all the imperfections, But we polish and give shine to the restoration giving it an aesthetic finish.


In the image we can see the polishing and finishing of an anterior tooth.


When observing the result, we see how the patient is pleased with the final finish, this procedure is very complete since it goes from the elimination of cavities, to the art of sculpting, taking care of every detail, it is a delicate work, time consuming and that leaves me a lot of satisfaction once it is finished.


My recommendation, to go to certified professionals, to obtain aesthetic and natural finishes.


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