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Dra. What Is Caries?



Hello to all the community, answering to a concern in my readers I answer them, caries is a disease that attacks and destroys the hard tissues of the tooth, and is of bacterial origin.



This process is described as demineralization and is due to the fermentation of sugars and carbohydrates on the tooth surface, these form acids during this process and weaken the enamel giving rise to caries.


There is a natural remineralization produced by saliva, due to the fluoride ions present.


But when the intake of these foods is greater than the natural remineralization process, the carious process is aggravated, added to this, the bad hygiene, the disease advances to the dentin, continues until it reaches the pulp chamber and infects the pulp causing: odontalgia, pulpitis, with its consequent inflammatory and infectious process.



Treating these carious lesions, in its initial phase allows us to stop the process, if the treatment continues it is usually more painful, in that case we can have a deep caries in dentin or start an endodontic treatment because of the inflammation of the pulp or the total loss of the tooth by exodontia of the tooth involved.


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