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Dr. How Many Bacterias are in the mouth?


Hello to all the community, I have had teleconsultations lately, with patients who manifest pain, spontaneous, acute and that has a certain date, we find a lesion resistant to certain antibiotics that are no longer effective even when it comes to eliminate the infectious focus.



The antibiotic action to attack the bacteria that cause these lesions can create resistance in these microorganisms causing the recurrence of the infection, if the patient has not gone first to the clinic.


In the oral cavity there are many bacteria and microorganisms, some of them are part of the normal microbial flora of the cavity, the moist environment of the mouth makes it the ideal field for bacteria to be present, other bacteria enter the body and are eliminated by enzymes present in the mouth, some of them can survive and cause great damage.




The microbial flora is changing depending on what the patient consumes, i.e. a food, nail biting or even kissing or even yawning can cause both changes and proliferation of some types of bacteria.


As a result in the mouth we can find both aerobic bacteria (they need oxygen to live) and anaerobic bacteria (they do not need oxygen to live) as well as gram positive or gram negative bacteria such as Lactobasillus, streptococci or stephilococci.


We can say that there is in our mouth an ecosystem of more than 600 types of bacteria and in the saliva about 800 million bacteria that live in harmony in what we call the normal microbial flora of the oral cavity,


The problem occurs when some of these bacteria because of poor hygiene begin to proliferate rampantly, there must be a trigger for example if we have poor hygiene and dental plaque is formed because we have not made the correct sweep with brushing and bacteria accumulates on the edge of the gum causing inflammation of the gums and gingivitis.


Or as in the case of the sugars that remain between the teeth this is degraded by enzymes that cause the pH to become acidic and certain bacteria do not survive this environment which breaks the balance causing others to proliferate that also produce acids, which destroy the tooth enamel causing tooth decay.


As you can see if all the factors are in harmony the bacteria would work in a synchronized way and with a weak balance that at any moment if we do not carry out the adequate hygiene can cause very serious infections.


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The importance of proper hygiene and preventive visit to the dentist helps 100% to maintain the bacterial balance in the oral cavity, avoiding the recurrence of infections and diseases.


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