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Direct Anterior Veneer


Hello to all the community, making an aesthetic veneer requires great care to preserve the anatomy, size, thickness, although the case is not finished, because the neighboring tooth has changed color and must be done a root canal.


Case Description

This is a 41 year old female patient who reported a fracture of an indirect veneer. On clinical examination cavities were observed on both sides of the tooth and residual caries.


The carious tissue is removed and the enamel of the vestibular side is prepared to place the material, we place insulating and impermeable tapes on both sides, we place the demineralizing agent, we wash and place the adhesive and then we adapt a band of celluloid around it to perform the carving.



We begin first to seal the cavities on both sides to then make the direct light cured veneer, it is rebuilt layer by layer, to achieve the desired size and dimension.


Finally, we polish the veneer and make the occlusion touches and then give the final finishing touches.


Although it does not have a harmonious color with its neighboring tooth, we achieve a more aesthetic appearance without cavities.


My recommendation

Patients should not eat hard things, or very toasted, such as peanuts, cracklings, toast, pistachios, popcorn (popcorn), which can cause fractures.


To preserve the color, the consumption of dark beverages should be reduced.


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