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Clinical Photography - Molar Reconstruction


Hello to all the community, very extensive cavities with little remaining tissue, where the walls are weakened or absent, are complicated to give the lost anatomy, in this case due to an occlusal trauma and a very wide obturation, I managed to give the necessary anatomical shape.



This is a 42 year old male patient who presents to the office with a maladapted amalgam and is indicated to have the defective filling removed and a MOD (mesial-occlusal-distal) cavity milled.



Here we observe the before, another image of the restoration before polishing, you can see the roughness, and a last one with the final finishing. We used ivoclear light cured resin color A3.


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Original Photos CRO Odontoven, Bogota

Camera: Huawei Y6II

Editor: Photo Collage app



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