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Clinical Photography - Aesthetic Reconstruction


Clinical Photography - #20 - Aesthetic Reconstruction


Hello, community and followers, the clinical case that I present to you today came to my office, with a class IV fracture of the 22, compromising the mesial incisal angle and almost the entire vestibular face, this is a 42 year old female patient, whose esthetic front is affected by this fracture.



The patient refers that the restoration has been placed twice and it has fallen out, on clinical examination there is little retention and the patient is told that to obtain a better and greater retention we should grind the tooth as if it were a veneer in order to extend the material and give more retention, grip and uniformity in color.


This is how the patient arrived at the office:



After the carving and placement of the restorative material Ivoclear light cured resin color A2.


This is the result:



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Original Photos CRO Odontoven, Bogota

Camera: Huawei Y6II

Editor: Photo Collage app



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