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At what age should hoy tale Chile to the Dentist?


Hello to all the community, this question has been asked to me by several users and in truth the doubt is every parent concerned about the health of their children.



The pediatric dentist is the specialist who is responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of pathologies in children and adolescents, in the case of the patient the age for a preventive consultation is the first year.


In that first consultation, the assessment and adaptation consultation is performed in the arms of his mother to feel protected, then we lay him on the couch with his mother on top of him and the evaluation is performed.


In this first consultation we observe the sequence of eruption of the primary teeth, the color of the gums and the possibility of caries, a prophylaxis is performed with prophylactic cream and a brush is passed over all surfaces to remove food debris.



Parents are instructed on the care and brushing of their children


Avoid leaving the child with the bottle in the mouth.


Brush them with a toothbrush indicated for their age, with emphasis on the molars.


Use cream for children

The amount of cream for a child is to place a small portion the size of a lentil.


Brushing should be done in a circular motion on all tooth surfaces.


Morning brushing should be good but evening brushing should be perfect.


My recommendation: parents preventive consultation can take away more than one headache, and avoid much pain to our children, so check their little teeth, if you notice something that is not normal, schedule an appointment with the pediatric dentist and remember it is better to treat the pathologies in its initial phase is cheaper, faster and less painful.


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