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Real Madrid destroys Alaves

![real-madrid-vs-alaves.jpg]( [sources]( Hello everyone, wherever you are on the occasion of the La Liga match between Real Madrid and Alaves, this match was held at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium with a final score of 3-0 to win Real Madrid. Since the early minutes of the match, it can be said to be very balanced but luck sided with Real Madrid where they scored first in the 30th minute through Karim Benzema kick. The score lasted until the first half was over. Entering the second half of the game went normally until finally at minute 80 Real Madrid managed to increase the position through young players from Brazil Vinicius Junior, the horizontal kick could not be in the weir of goalkeeper Alaves. Entering injury time Real Madrid again added to their advantage through mariano Diaz, his header in my view was very spectacular, unable to be pushed aside by the alaves goalkeeper, with this victory Real Madrid ranked third in the table with 42 points from 22 matches.
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