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Arsene Wenger has refused to train the Premier League club

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Arsene Wenger has always been synonymous with Arsenal, a coach who has for decades coached Arsenal, is indeed very attached to Arsenal, what else is his name almost the same as the club's name?


Arsene Wenger is indeed a legend at Arsenal because he Melati Arsenal for 22 years and gave some very prestigious titles for the club from the city of London


recently it was reported that Arsene Wenger refused an offer to coach a club in the Premier League, the top caste of the English Premier League. He mentioned that he only had very strong ties with Arsenal so that he could not coach other teams in the Premier League.


The coach, nicknamed The Professor, said he could indeed work in England but he refused to coach the team in the Premier League, but he did not divulge which club offered him a contract?

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