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Brazil without Neymar, loss or profit?

![neymar-qat-5cfdbe5.jpg]( [sources]( Brazil hosted the 2019 Copa America title, but they have just lost one of their pillars in this event, Neymar who has been the captain so far has been forced to miss the event after sustaining injuries in the last friendly match against Qatar The tears of the 27-year-old player came out when the medical officer lifted him off the field, Brazilian soccer Federasai immediately issued a press conference after the incident. Chelsea player William took the position left by Neymar The current Brazilian coach Tite must change the formation of the team that has been designed before, indeed Neymar has been the mainstay of the Brazilian national team. It is possible to change formations to Brazil's advantage. Neymar is indeed in the spotlight in his own country because of several accusations he received because of the issue of Rape some time ago against one model. many people commented on the absence of Neymar in the Brazilian squad. although like that coach Tite said that Brazil's strength did not diminish even without Neymar
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