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The Diary Game

Come, friends, let's go again today. My yesterdays are gone. Tomorrow I woke up in the morning and it was time for the Fajr prayer.  And he went back home O people, come out of the colors of this world, this world is only a deception, nothing more and this luxury is leading us astray, we are doomed.  At this time we are only doing immoral things, O people, this world is mortal, one day it will pass away and think once about the hardships of the grave when our own will come back after burying us and thousands of us.  Man will be at the bottom of the soil from which there will be no way out. Darkness has become dark. People, think about this place and return to your Lord. Do not be attached to this world. It is a dukha.  Praise your Lord, may Allah forgive our small and big sins, Amen

So friends, I prayed Fajr and came back home. I rested for a while. After that, I woke up and saw the chickens that were standing sick, and then the rest of the chickens.  I made flour and gave it to the chickens, after that I sat with the sick chickens, I injected them with syrup and then they gave me some food.  I left after some time of preparation, I reached Mianwali, first I went to my friend's shop, I sat near him for a while, then I reached Robi Center, I greeted my friends and then I sat at the shop for a while.  It happened that two men from my city came and they wanted to fix the mobile phone, its unit was broken, so they gave it to me and said to put the unit on it, so I went to the spare parts shop and asked for the unit.

  After that he came back to the shop and opened the mobile and cleaned it. After that he went back and took the unit and gave it to a friend and told him to fit it and then it was time for prayer.  It was on leave, we left for the mosque, we offered the Zuhr prayer, then we came back and sat down. After a while, I slept in my friend's shop. After a while, he ordered salt and mercury, so we  After some time, I left for home, because there was no time pass, so I was coming home, on the way, a passenger was going to the lorry base, I took him with me.  He had to get medicine for his chickens, he took it, then he stayed at a friend's shop on the way and then left.

  When I reached Shahbaz Khel city, I stopped at a friend's house and sat there. I found out that two more friends of ours were also coming, so I was playing with my friend's little daughter.  sat and drank tea and then spent a long time chatting after that I left for home and offered Asr prayer in a roadside mosque because there was no time so I offered prayer after that I returned home.  After reaching home, I parked my bike and went to the mosque, offered Maghrib prayer, after that I had food and after eating I was busy taking care of my sick chickens, I gave them medicine and  Then I went to the mosque and offered Isha prayer. I came back after a while and fell asleep. Here are my activities for yesterday.

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