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Messi vs Eibar. Praise from Eibar's coach



It would be an understatement to say that Barcelona defeated Eibar. Barcelona, led by the football star Lionel Messi, utterly crushed Eibar on Saturday night at Camp Nou. After such a fantastic game, one could argue that Messi should take a victory lap and take a day off. However, Eibar’s coach Jose Mendilibar, emphasized the fact that Lionel Messi does not need a day off and he knows how to take a breather during the game.

Even after being defeated in such a one-sided game, team members as well as the coach of Eibar, have managed to pick themselves up and react to their devastating defeat of 5-0 with humor and positivity. 

After every match, we can see many players and football fans to be disappointed with the match’s results. Sometimes, they are not even able to understand what has just happened. Many of these people lose control over their emotions and say things that they regret in the future while others make the best of the situation and reflect on their loss.

Coach of SD Eibar exhibited similar sensible behavior when he tweeted about Lionel Messi. His tweet meant that even though the opponents of Messi suffered due to his masterful football skills, they have no choice but to manage to play with him, stand with him, and even give a round of applause for him. 

This tweet had both the literal and figurative meanings, as it was evident that Eibar’s defense team had gotten exhausted from stopping Messi.

Since that time, Mendilibar’s tweet has gone viral over the internet, for it is nothing short of beautiful poetry and a great gift to the die-hard Messi fans. Barcelona fans have appreciated the class and the respect shown by their opponents and even wished them luck for their next match against Napoli on Tuesday. 

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