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Happy New Year's Eve Everyone!!!

It's New Year's Eve guys, the very last day of the year. I know you're all enjoying the day in your own way. Do not forget to play Rising Star. Hit my referral key down below and let’s go:


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Yes, I'll be doing card packs and there's a new card added to my collection. Also, I have something special for you. Let's start with the card pack.

3 Card combo pack 1

So let's open the first pack of the day, shall we?


Hmm, it looks nice. This time I got MPC-500-WS, Brit Popster, and The Ego. So, we actually have a human version of the ego. Just joking. This is one set of a powerful 3 card pack. One instrument and two people cards. Together they give me 25 fans, 60 luck, and 1 skill.

3 Card combo pack 2

Alrighty. We're on to our next card pack.




All instrument cards. Hang Drum, Cheap Bass, and Cheap Keyboard. Together they give me +62 luck. Nice. Hang Drum is the rare card in this all-instrumental combo pack and oh look this is the first time I got it. I think I have said enough times that instrumentals help you with Music lessons and Special Missions so these cards are very important.

3 Card combo pack 3

Ooh. Another Card Pack. Let's open the third pack of the day.




I got Derek, Cheap Cello and Cheap Trumpet. Together they give me 125 fans, 4 luck, 150 skill, and 2 IM. Amazing! In the first pack, I had 1 instrumental rare and 2 common people and in the last pack, I got 1 rare people and 2 common instrumental. They all look cool together thought. And I already have so many Derek in my collection.

Instrumental: Hang Drum

Tat-tada-data I already mentioned that this is the first time I had gotten a Hang Drum, so let's see its specs, shall we?




Do you think it looks like a spaceship? It does look like a spaceship. Maybe we'll see tiny aliens getting off of them. This is one different looking extraordinary instrument. The other day I was looking at a video of artists playing hang drums on YouTube, it blew my mind. The sound of this is outstanding, so much for an ordinary-looking instrument. A Hang Drum is a rare card, and it should be. It takes your skills and sessions to a next level. This also has 60 luck points which is cool.


"Looks like a flying saucer and sounds out of the world"


This is the surprise guys. Another mission from the Local Gig Circuit. Let's take a look.

Local Gig Circuit: Local Mini Tour Support

I know guys I haven't had a post from the Local Gig Circuit missions, but this one opened for me today so I'm sharing. So, once again I'm changing my avatar, from Wizzy to Female Rapper.




Local Mini Tour Support is the 6th Mission in the Local Gig Circuit Zone. So let's see how it looks like. And as soon as you click on the mission, the start button appears. You have to click on the Start to being this mission.




You need to be on a really high level to do this mission. You need 1200 fans, level 55, 100% energy and the duration is 300 minutes. A 5-hour long mission. Wow! 300 minutes. So basically you can just click the start button and be off for the whole day. This is one really really long mission. It also knocks out your energy, I mean that energy bad.





“You’ve been asked to support a local band on a mini-tour of local venues. More exposure to your music!”


You know I'll be back again. See you later. Stay tuned for the next segment. Happy New Year everyone.




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