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The Conditioning and Behavioral Control of Americans Is Firmly in Place



“This Power Elite directly employs several millions of the country´s working force in its factories, offices and stores, controls many millions more by lending them the money to buy its products, and, through its ownership of the media of mass communication, influences the thoughts, the feelings and the actions of virtually everybody. To parody the words of W. Churchill, never have so many been manipulated so much by so few.”

~ Aldous Huxley, Robert S. Baker, James Sexton (2002). “Complete Essays: 1956-1963, and supplement, 1920-1948”, Ivan R. Dee Publisher

Huxley’s take on the control mechanisms present many decades ago were correct, but currently in this country alone, there are hundreds of millions that are under the spell of conditioning, indoctrination, and manipulation by the very few. It takes little effort or imagination in today’s environment to see just how weak and controlled are the American people, as they don masks, close their businesses, abandon family, tattle on their neighbors, adhere to all orders given them, and idly watch as their lives are at once controlled and destroyed in open sight. This is all happening for the sake of a fraud based on needless fear.


The initial step of this ‘pandemic’ plot was to test whether or not the people at large would comply with any number of idiotic and blatantly preposterous orders from above. Almost immediately, it became obvious that this population could be fooled into almost anything simply due to fear of a manufactured lie. They were ripe for takeover, and were willing to do whatever they were told, and this state of mind has changed little over the past fifteen months of physiological and psychological terror at the hands of the controlling class.

The governing aspect of this plot against the people has been guided by the top tier of power and enforced by the political class. The corrupt and dishonest medical and scientific ‘communities’ that long ago partnered with the state players, have been used to add feigned legitimacy to a completely illegitimate and immoral operation. The pharmacological element of this public exploitation has been very useful to the ‘elite’ powers plan, and is proving to be the most deadly, as what is falsely called a ‘vaccine’ has been according to the CDC, administered to over 152 million people, with over 114 million receiving at least two shots. These poisonous injections have now been taken by 45% of the population, and this will likely lead to continuous sickness and mass fatalities in the future.


But it doesn’t end there. These injections are filled with much toxic material, extremely dangerous adjuvants, multiple viral agents, fetal and animal tissue, messenger RNA, computer-like operating systems, and invasive nanoparticles that can be used to control recipients of this contaminated poison by radio wave technology. This is only a partial description of what is in these shots, so what else is in them? I fully believe these are meant to serve multiple purposes, and none of them are for the benefit of the people. They can be used to sterilize much of the population, they can be used to kill in the short and long-term, they can incorporate management systems into the bodies and minds of those getting this jab, and they can be used for depopulation efforts. In fact, they can be used for all these things and more simultaneously. This is an inhumane atrocity!

Controlling an entire population

The control of societies has always been sought by the few, and with the continuous advancements in technology, this desired undertaking to gain dominance has continually become more achievable. This is in large part due to the very idea of democracy, which has made this not only more possible but virtually guaranteed. This of course was by design, but has not been understood by the general population due to the massive amount of propaganda and indoctrination over long periods of time. The notion that democracy leads to freedom, or allows freedom, is ludicrous on its face, but that is still the prevailing notion of the people at large. Responsibility, rational thought, and logic have been replaced by blind emotion and fear due to a powerful structured appeal to man’s inner psyche, the more moldable subconscious that is a less critical link. Because of the accepted mob rule effect of this long mistaken thinking, people have become satisfied and accepting of their own collective slavery.

The state’s motives and extensive confiscation of the minds of men through the political, medical, pharmacological, technological, and especially the communication mediums, have allowed its monopoly on power and control to expand exponentially. Because of the success of this premeditated coup, the supplanting of desired information in the subconscious of the common man in order to gain control has been accomplished without blatant violence, and rather by voluntary consent of the ruled. This is the most effective manner of gaining control over large numbers of people, at least until brute force can be levied without much resistance.

In essence, American society, as is the case with most all western societies today, have become programmed to not only think the way they are informed to think, but to act the way they are told to act. This is a conditioned response to outside stimulus through massive propaganda campaigns administered by those nefarious individuals and entities intent on controlling entire populations.

An unconscious existence breeds tyrannyand we are in the midst of a period where the bulk of society lives and exists in a rather unconscious state brought about by mass propaganda and a purposeful and successful effort to divide every aspect of society. This is not to say that a complete loss of intelligence is evident, but that brainwashing and indoctrination of the American population has caused rampant widespread ignorance concerning reality and truth. Truth is no longer even sought, as most all eyes are locked on the state controlled forms of news and information. The current degree and magnitude of censorship of all alternative sources of information, especially all valid reporting and commentary that is in opposition to the mainstream (state) narrative, is appallingly obvious. This is a very telling sign that question and debate are being intentionally disallowed by the powerful in order to eliminate discussion. This indicates that lies and deceit are apparent, because those attempting to gain control fear open discussion.

The quest for power and control requires the destruction of the individual and of individual thought, and the collective acceptance of rule. Because of this phenomenon, voluntary consent by the governed majority is necessary in order for any totalitarian system to exist or be sustained. So what is to be done to prevent the total devastation of freedom at the hands of the powerful few?


It seems consistent considering philosophy and reality that the more information and truth available to all individuals, the more freedom that will exist. With this in mind, it follows that unrestricted education (not schooling) of the masses as individuals is imperative, and censorship at any level is the enemy of the people. If the common man is not allowed due to state sponsored suppression of any opinion or fact, to see or hear all information that is available from every source, then oppression of the people is absolutely assured. This cannot be allowed to stand.

Controlling information is controlling people. When the most powerful, their pawns in government, government enforcers, and those partnered with government, disallow the dissemination of any information; all of us are being deprived of opportunity to make informed decisions.

Our dilemma is one of self-creation, but was structured by evil forces for the explicit purpose of gaining total control over all of humanity. Our way to individual sovereignty and a life of freedom rests solely on our desire and ability to throw off the chains that bind us by taking charge of our own destiny. That relies on non-compliance, disobedience, and a total disregard for all government mandates, all censorship at every level, all restriction of movement, and adamant refusal to accept any communistic immunity passports. No “normalcy” will ever again be possible until mass individual rebellion against this tyranny is the common core of our society. Without this active shift in attitude by individual Americans, what will be our future? Unimaginable is the answer.

Do not be a drone; do not be conditioned by others, simply look to self.

 “The victim of mind-manipulation does not know that he is a victim. To him, the walls of his prison are invisible, and he believes himself to be free.”

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