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When I was younger, I was always disappointed when my mum gives the biggeest meat to my dad and tell me when I become an adult, I can buy all the meat I want. 

I remember whenever I get a bill from school, I will bring it to my mum and next day my mum will give me money for the fees. I couldn't wait to be an adult and also pay someone's fees.


Growing up, my mum will call me to take the remote for her even if it's just 2 feet away from where she's seated watching tv. I envisioned making my children do everything for me because I am an adult.


Nobody told me adulthood was this difficult. Nobody told me I had to do hard work to make money to buy the meat I want. Nobody told me I have to earn money the difficult way to pay school fees. I didn't know it cost a lot of money to have power at home to watch tv and I was thinking of telling my kids to take the remote for me. 


How I wish someone had told me not to rush into being an adult. How I wish I had taken my time to be a child. How I wished I didn't envy my mum and die. I can only wish now that I'm an adult.



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