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My Actifit Report Card: March 27 2019



Exams continued to day. Hello everyone and hope you had a good day. Using actifit as a diary to write down how my day goes. ![20190327_105701.jpg]( So woke up early to check my messages and reply any comments I might have had. Then I got ready for work. It's a good thing I got a school that's close by. I get to school within 7 minutes of leaving the house, and I don't have to pay for a taxi or anything of that sort. Yesterday, we finished too early so today, exams was scheduled for 10 am even though students were in a hurry to write it. They finally got the paper and within 30 minutes, some were done. I think the questions were too easy or maybe, they just too brilliant. After the paper, I was just bored and so left for the house much earlier. It's not allowed but, I just can't even get a place to sit. Makes staying in school tiring even when I'm doing nothing. I came home and low and behold, there was no power. It's unfortunate that there's been this many power outages since the Electricity Company of Ghana was sold to Power Distribution Company and instead of working on solutions, the government blames the opposition for sabotaging them and bringing down power lines to make the unpopular. How unfortunate for Africa. I got home before 3pm and the lights came around 5:30 pm. I used the time to read an *Awake Newsletter* by Jehovah's Witnesses. I love reading their publications even though I don't really believe in some of their teachings. I consider myself open-minded so I love learning about all sides. Anyways, didn't do anything extra after that, just went to buy a blood tonic at the pharmacy. Been taking it for a while since last year. Can't afford to buy what I was prescribed so bought something cheaper which is okay to use too. Well, that's how my day went and hope to see you tomorrow.

Daily Activity, Walking
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