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Some problems of having a sunroof and The advantages and disadvantages of Push and Key Start cars?


Hello everyone, in this post, we are talking about the disadvantages -

Sunroofs: H100, H300, H400 and H700 | Webasto Sunroofs


1. You have made or taken a new sunroof. The first week you will enjoy Uradhura. Then go and forget that you also have a sunroof!
2. It's a glass, so it can break. And once broken the repair is expensive.
3. Sunroof can reduce your acceleration and mileage lightly; Because of its excess weight. A sunroof usually weighs 30 kg, while a panoramic can weigh up to 90 kg.
4. Sunroof eats up your headroom. Although the infinite headroom is available in the open state, less than normal headroom is available in the closed state.
5. Over time the sunroof starts to leak which is annoying. Water can leak not only when it is raining, but also when it is raining.
6. Maintenance is required to keep the sunroof perfect. Motors, glass, rubber, etc. have to be taken care o

The advantages and disadvantages of Push Start and Key Start cars?

Putting a Remote Start in Push-to-Start Car: Is It Possible? |  12Volt.Solutions


Key Start: Key Start is a very old technology car to start. In this case, there is a mechanical ignition system and there is a physical key. The car starts when the key is matched. The problem with Key Start is that it takes a lot of components to get extra weight in the car and it is very easy to steal a Key Start car. Key Start car can be stolen very easily even without any key. That's why you will see that the 300 feet old era Key Start cars are stolen more.
Push Start: Push Start is a relatively new technology. The manufacturer came in the year 2000 and increased the use of push start. In this case, the key has a chip and the car's ignition system has an antenna. The car's computer only allows the car to start when a specific code is passed from that particular key chip. Even if you go a little away from the car, your key does not work. Push Start is very secure but Push Start car is more expensive and usually Push Start is offered in high trims.

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