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Hybrid chickens SONALI in Bangladesh... .. .


Hello everyone, how are you. In a previous post I wrote a post about Black Bengal Goats. Today I described a hybrid breed of chicken in my country called SONALI chicken. Let's start.
These chickens are not Bangladeshi breeds. Due to insufficient egg production and the meat growth rate of the domestic breeds of chickens available in Bangladesh, various breeds of foreign chickens are imported at different times to meet the demand for meat. The taste of each breed of chicken, the tendency to grow is one of a kind. However, the foreign hybrid chicken named SONALI of Bangladesh is usually available at hand and the taste of the meat is quite delicious. The SONALI breed was invented by crossbreeding the Egyptian RIR breed chicken and the Pakistani Fawmi breed rooster.

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The SONALI chickens grow quite fast and have high immunity.
Therefore, keeping SONALI chickens in the climate and environment of this country is very useful. A golden breed chicken lives for about 2-3 years. A SONALI hen weighs about 600 grams in 2-3 months. They start laying eggs within 3 months. However, the farmers cultivate SONALI chickens keeping in mind the production of meat.

Most of them are suitable for eating meat in 3-4 months. Although SONALI breed chickens are foreign breeds, they breed their chicks like domestic chickens. They lay 180-200 eggs a year. There is a special demand for both SONALI breed chickens and chickens in the chicken market, in restaurants, for making chicken roast at various occasions including weddings. The meat is in high demand in the market as it is somewhat tasty like domestic chicken and the price is relatively low.

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These breeds of chickens are now being farmed on farms and at home on a small scale. At present, due to the increase in demand for meat and high immunity, many people are rearing different breeds of ducks and chickens to make themselves entrepreneurs. Extensive farm-based production of SONALI breed chickens is playing a significant role in meeting the demand for meat in the country. It is hoped that the new entrepreneurs of Bangladesh will take the matter better and Bangladesh will one day be self-sufficient in everything.

Thank you very much for reading this blog.

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